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The Krossover platform is closing on June 30, 2020. If you already created a Hudl account, all you have to do is complete the Krossover to Hudl checklist to make sure you’re ready to use our tools. If you haven’t set up Hudl yet, check out your next steps below.

Your Next Steps

Step One

Create Your Account

Start by telling us about your team so we can get you set up. You’ll receive an email within a few days letting you know the account is completely built and personalized for your team.

Step Two

Copy Video and Stats

After your account is set up, you’ll want to copy your video and stats over from Krossover. Check out this tutorial to learn more.

Step Three

Tackle the Checklist

Then use the Krossover to Hudl checklist to make sure your team is ready to hit the ground running with Hudl.

Have questions about what this means for your subscription, video and stats? Keep reading to get all the details.

Your Subscription

Everyone will be billed through Hudl.

When you create a Hudl account, you’ll still have access to your Krossover account until June 30, 2020. But from here on out, all your billing will be through Hudl. So even if now isn't the right time to move your data and video, you need to activate your Hudl account to pay your invoice.

We’ll match your price for the 2019-20 season.

To make this transition easier, we'll wait to adjust your pricing until year two. So your first Hudl invoice will be discounted to cover a year's subscription at the same price you were paying for Krossover.

Don’t worry about storage hours.

We won’t enforce storage limits for teams coming over from Krossover for their upcoming season. In the future, our support and customer success teams will work with you to get your team’s video and data into our storage model without losing anything.

Your Video and Stats

Refer to your team’s sport below to learn how to move your content to Hudl.

Basketball, ice hockey, volleyball, lacrosse and soccer

We built a tool for you to copy your video and stats from Krossover to Hudl in one step. Just click Import from Krossover once you’re logged in to your Hudl team.


To copy your video, simply download it from Krossover and upload it to Hudl. Stats won’t be included, but you can add them again using our breakdown columns—or have Hudl Assist do it for you.

All other sports

You won’t be able to copy stats from Krossover because we don’t have Hudl Assist for your sport, but we can help get your video on Hudl. Just contact our support team to get started.

Save the reels you need.

Because your reels won’t come over to Hudl when you copy your stats and videos, you can either download them to your computer or recreate them using our tools. In Hudl, you can create playlists to review teaching moments with your team internally. To share top plays publicly, you can save clips of your team’s games as highlights.

Product Comparison

We’ve been doing our research. Check out the list below to compare our tools.





Reels are now called playlists. Use these to save and share the most important clips from your games to drive player development.



Searching for that one contested shot? Or the game-winning kill? You can still use filters to find your team’s key plays.



Highlights are still highlights, but ours are free. Create and customize reels to celebrate your team’s best moments and get players noticed.


Hudl Assist

Your breakdowns will now come from Hudl Assist. Our team of professional analysts will tag your film so you can focus on coaching.

Unlimited Storage

Unlimited storage for the first year

You’ll still have unlimited storage for the first year. After that, we’ll help get your video and data into our storage model without losing anything.



Analytics are now called reports. But they’re still going to help you gain insights into your team’s performance using detailed data.

Telestrations and Comments

Text effects and drawings

Telestrations and comments are now text effects and drawings. So you’ll still have teaching moments with your team outside of practice.

Basketball Playbook

Basketball Playbook

We don’t have a basketball playbook feature. If that’s something you’d like to see in the future, let us know.



Exchanges are still exchanges, but more teams using the same platform means exchanging film with opponents will be easier than ever.

Shot Charts

Shot charts

Your analysis can still go a level deeper with shot charts for basketball, lacrosse and soccer, and attack tendencies for volleyball.

Not Krossover Features


Say hello to messaging tools. With Hudl, communicating with the entire team, a small group or an individual is a breeze.

Team and athlete profiles

Every team and athlete has a dedicated profile to tell their unique story. Your players can now share their athletic journey with friends, family and recruiters.

Direct uploads

Get your games online with fewer steps. You can record and upload from the Hudl app on an iPad. Or replace your cameraman with Hudl Focus.

We’re working to find out what you loved about Krossover.

We want to provide the same level of value Krossover did. Share any product feedback we should consider with our support team.

Support and Resources

Whether you have questions about Hudl or Krossover, we can get you the support you need.


Hudl Support

(402) 817-0060

Looking for Krossover tutorials? They’re now in our help center.

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