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Flexible performance analysis tailored to your team

Customize how you code.

Design a code window to track the specific metrics that matter to your team.

Sportscode Code Window

Get immediate insight.

Code and review performance live to make informed in-game decisions.

Evaluate performance.

Create interactive reports linked to key moments to highlight what went well or needs to improve.

Sportscode data window

Access analysis anywhere.

Upload video and analysis to Hudl to give the whole team access from any computer or mobile device.

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More capabilities with Sportscode

League and Federation Solutions

We offer tools to help with talent identification, video exchange and media.

Third-Party Compatible

Sportscode works with most data and video providers. Contact us to learn more.

IP Camera Capture

Record and code directly from a fixed camera in your facility.

Choose the level that suits your needs.

Ideal for organizations on a budget, with a small staff, or just getting started with 
custom analysis.

Great for staffs that want deeper analysis by capturing and reviewing only the data
 that matters.

Our most advanced package is built for teams that believe performance analysis 
is crucial to success.

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