Your livestream can be an outstanding tool for driving revenue — if you want it to be. 

With Hudl, the choice of if and how you drive revenue is totally up to you (stop us if you’re noticing a theme here.)

Here are a few different pathways you can take with your livestream:


Choose a pay-per-view stream for the best way to drive revenue back to your program. 

You can offer your fans pay-per-view access on a per-game, monthly, seasonal, and/or annual basis. Choose how you want to offer your fans access (including how much you want to charge), and your Hudl representative will take care of the rest for you.

No matter how you decide to set it up, schools that offer a pay-per-view option benefit from an industry-leading revenue share model, where 60% of all earnings go back to the school. It’s a terrific way to supplement gate revenue and bring meaningful funds back to your program. 

Take a look at this school that leveraged pay-per-view streaming with successful results across the board. 

Add Sponsorships

You can use Production Truck to add sponsorship elements to both free and pay-per-view streams. While this creates some extra work, it’s an excellent way to get local businesses involved in supporting your program. Here’s a quick look at some of the options available:

  • Thumbnail/poster image: Thumbnail images (like sponsor logos) are customizable per livestream and available across web, mobile, and streaming media apps. 
  • In-game graphics: Insert sponsor branding on your scoreboard and other in-game graphics. 
  • Network ID: A short video (:15) delivered to viewers before they enter a stream. 
  • Social media highlights: Top moments and highlights can be instantly shared on social media, incorporating sponsor branding. 

Check out this great example of a school that leveraged sponsorships successfully


If you don’t want to charge viewers for your livestream, it’s no problem! You can opt to offer a free-to-view stream. You can still add sponsorships to your livestream to drive some revenue from it.