Last month, we introduced our blog series on the people who’ve made our portable camera solution possible. We covered how we determined Hudl Focus Flex was the best recording solution for soccer clubs, and the journey from automatic uploads, AI technology and livestreaming with our other Focus cameras brought us to where we are today.

As we continue to run our beta tests and improve Focus Flex, we’ll also be shining a spotlight on the people hard at work behind the scenes. In this month’s blog, we’ll give you a chance to get to know Tarryn Moss, senior product manager for Hudl’s club sports market.

Over the last year, Tarryn has met with coaches, club directors and leagues to understand what was missing from their recording experience. There was one common request: a simplified filming solution.

“As an athlete, every game has at least one moment that you reflect back on and wish you could change, and one moment that you want to watch again,” said Moss. “Until recently, getting quality video that didn't miss those moments was challenging in the club soccer space. By adding a great camera into our Hudl offering, we remove the concern of whether that moment you want to go back and watch is there or not.”

Without talking to coaches directly, the product team wouldn’t have been able to understand those concerns on a deep, problem-solving level. 

“Our coaches have been instrumental in providing the feedback we need to make decisions and create a great camera,” said Moss.

“By making capture easy, we allow coaches and athletes to focus on what really matters: learning what they can do better and celebrating those moments of excellence!” 

And that’s exactly the purpose behind Focus Flex. It not only makes it easy to record and livestream high-quality video of multiple games without needing a charge, it’s also the only camera that seamlessly integrates with Hudl. Once the video is on Hudl, you’ll have the full toolkit of digital coaching tools ready and waiting. 

The Process

“Creating products that coaches and athletes love always takes me back to sixth grade science class,” Moss said. “The fun part for me lies in the experiments phase. You have an idea of what you think you will learn, but you really never know until you start talking to people or testing product ideas.” 

Because the Hudl Focus team has built two other camera solutions, Indoor and Outdoor, they had a base understanding of how to go about the creation of Focus Flex. But meeting with coaches, club directors and their teams gave Moss and the product team the background they needed to form hypotheses on what to prioritize. 

For example, we heard trying to upload video while traveling for long weekend tournaments was a pain point. They had a tough choice: try to do this time-consuming task on the road or wait until they got back home to get the video online. As a result of this feedback, we’re investing in the ability to upload over Wi-Fi from the field. That important tournament film can be uploaded into Hudl automatically, giving coaches back their time.

Tune into our series over the next couple of months to hear more from Paul Bauer, product manager, and Željka Hassler, lead product designer on their Focus Flex journeys.

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