The Florida Celtic SC Technical Director talked about how video analysis is unlocking smarter soccer players across his entire club.

3:05 — Burns’ soccer journey

From son of a Celtic FC coaching legend, to his current role as a club coach, Burns talks about his career and how Hudl has been at the core of Florida Celtic’s best three-year run in program history.

5:20 — How video analysis makes everyone better

It’s not just the players unlocking a more analytical mindset with Hudl. Burns has seen video analysis tools make his coaches better, too.

7:20 — Assessing need versus want with tech adoption

First and foremost, Burns prioritizes visual learning above all else when deciding what kind of technology to implement. GPS devices? Nice to have, but they’re not for all levels of soccer.

9:40 — Putting the breakdown in players’ hands

Florida Elite’s David Gough and South Carolina United’s Adrian Pinasco speak on the power of having their players evaluate themselves on film using Hudl’s tools. “It’s straight from the horse’s mouth. I love that idea,” Gough says. “When it’s coming from them, it’s more powerful.”

13:00 — How to deal with a pandemic

Balancing fun is important, which is why Burns will give his players games, like juggling challenges. A contract with a local gym allows them to get in remote workout sessions, while guest speakers during coaching education sessions keep the coaches engaged.

19:40 — A back-to-basics silver lining

“I don’t think anybody is reinventing the wheel,” Gough says. “I think kids are out there kicking the ball against a wall for the first time in 20 years probably. That can only be a good thing.”

24:00 — Ideas for the younger age groups

How do you keep players at your lowest age groups engaged during these times? Burns, Gretna SC’s Jono Callaghan and Bellevue SC’s Tobias Maertzke all weigh in.

29:45 — What to do about tryouts?

Without being able to get on the pitch yet, how do you tackle the evaluation issue? Burns offered some thoughts.

34:00 — On the recent DA shakeup

US Soccer’s recent decision to close its Development Academy sparked spirited opinions. The panel discusses the new void in the market, and how it’ll be filled.