Absolute Volleyball Club and Encore & Academy Volleyball Club adopt video to advance their athletes.

The Absolute Volleyball Club and Encore & Academy Volleyball Club are powerhouse clubs in the Bay Area that, through tradition and innovation, have established themselves as premier organizations not only in California, but in the nation.

From building top-notch training facilities to hiring high caliber coaches, these clubs will do anything to help boost their players’ skill set. Year after year, these directors are searching for new ways to get their players ahead of the competition.

“As the director, every year we want to make the club better,” Konrad Ott, the Club Director and Coach of Absolute Volleyball Club, said. “And the last two or three years I think we have struggled with, 'OK, how do we get footage for our kids to send out to college coaches? How do we get footage for our coaches to be able to look and analyze and get feedback on immediately?’"

Player development is the ultimate goal, and these clubs understand the value that video can add to their programs, especially considering the next generation of athletes are visual learners.

“I think it is a lot easier to get better at something when you see what you’re doing wrong. Someone can tell you like, ‘Oh try and fix this’, but when you see it, it is a lot easier to implement it.” Kaelyn Salor, Absolute Volleyball Club player

The coaches have also discovered the power video has had in improving their own coaching abilities.

“I try to have multiple eyes when I coach, but I realize when I review stuff that there are a lot of things I miss,” Daniele Desiderio, the Executive Director of Encore & Academy Volleyball Club, said. “So it’s important because the moment you miss some player’s action, you miss an opportunity to get them better.”

After doing their research, both clubs found that Hudl was the answer to their video needs.

“When we saw the Hudl product, I think we saw it was completely, what exactly we needed,” Desiderio said.

“That to us is the most important thing, we want these kids to get better and improve as players,” Ott said. ”And that’s where Hudl comes in big for us.”

Player development and video go hand in hand. Absolute Volleyball Club and Encore & Academy Volleyball Club have already experienced the truth to that within their first year using Hudl.

“We aren’t even using all the aspects that Hudl will allow us to use just because it’s our first year. We are going through it, we are learning how to use it,” Ott said. “So I envision for us, that next year it will be even better.”

To learn more about Hudl’s tools for volleyball, check out our club volleyball page.