Aspiring young managers, coaches and analysts will have access to Hudl’s range of products supporting the Menotti Football Coaches Academy’s com­pre­hen­sive programs and courses.

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César Luis Menotti is one of the most revered coaches and renowned ideological thinkers in the storied history of South American football. 

Responsible for leading Argentina to their first world title in 1978, Menotti has had a long and successful management career, including spells in Spain, Italy and Mexico, and most recently he served as director of the Argentina national team.

His coaching philosophy - based around liberation, creative expression and attacking collective play - has left an indelible mark not only in his homeland, but also across South America and the wider world. Menotti’s teachings have defined tactical discussions for decades and directly inspired the likes of Marcelo Bielsa and Ricardo la Volpe.

Menotti’s influence still burns brightly today. Founded in 2018, the Menotti Football Coaches Academy offers comprehensive programs and courses that equip aspiring professionals with the skills, knowledge and tactical understanding necessary to excel in the dynamic world of football management and analysis.

The academy's curriculum encompasses various subjects, including tactical analysis, match preparation, player evaluation, data analysis, leadership development and team management. Through theoretical lectures, practical sessions and hands-on experience, the Menotti Football Coaches Academy aims to nurture and shape the next generation of successful football managers, coaches and analysts.

I’m happy to start on this path with Hudl, which will surely help us to delve deeper into analysis and into that most difficult and special task of education. César Luis Menotti - Menotti Football Coaches Academy, founder and honorary president

Given the pivotal role of technology in today’s era, the partnership between Hudl and the Menotti Football Coaches Academy combines the footballing philosophy of Menotti with high-performance tools such as Wyscout, Hudl Sportscode and Studio, in order to give those attending the best chance of success as they kick-start their careers in football.

“One of the most important objectives of the Menotti Football Coaches Academy is to accompany our students in the teaching-learning process, placing the focus on the ‘learner’ instead of the ‘teacher’,” says César Mario Menotti, vice president and academic director of the academy and son of César Luis.

“The Menotti Football Coaches Academy and Hudl alliance creates a fantastic synergy to promote quality content,” César Mario continues. “Professionals from both parties discuss new ideas and contribute innovations through constant feedback.” 

One result of this alliance comes in the form of a “conceptual video library tailored to the thoughts of César Luis Menotti” that the academy is creating using Hudl’s cloud-based platform, giving students and teachers the ability to filter by specific passages of play or methodologies.

Video and data analysis has become increasingly integral to football coaching. Tools like Wyscout and Hudl Sportscode provide detailed insights into player performance, opponent analysis, and tactical evaluations. Coaches can study matches, analyze individual player movements and identify patterns to enhance their strategies and game plans, while complimenting their analysis with quantifiable metrics and statistics to arrive at data-driven insights.

“Hudl is formidable because it allows flexibility and customization according to the needs of each coach,” says César Mario. “Hudl gives us irrefutable evidence. It helps the young coach confirm their perceptions, before approaching their target again.”

It is important that data and video be taken in the correct context and complemented by expert insight. “Data must be converted into information,” states César Mario. “All that glitters is not gold; for example, if the pass completion is 94%, that doesn’t necessarily say anything. You have to see in which sector of the field they are, if the passes break the lines, eliminate rivals, if they are parallel, if they have an advantage or are under pressure, and so on.”

This combination of technology, expert insight and education therefore marries together at the Menotti Football Coaches Academy to enhance tactical awareness, foster player development and emphasize team cohesion - all key tenets of Menotti’s philosophy.

When it comes to the process of learning, Hudl serves as a huge help. César Luis Menotti - Menotti Football Coaches Academy, founder and honorary president

Education is at the heart of the partnership between Hudl and the Menotti Football Coaches Academy.

“It is a great opportunity that we are being given,” says legendary coach César Luis Menotti. “This partnership will make it possible to spread and share this information to be used for learning and to better our knowledge.”

“Hudl multiplies possibilities when creating, modifying and optimizing our study plan. The greatest beneficiary is our students.” adds César Mario, when highlighting the educational resources available.

Wyscout has a big role in the learning process. “It is beneficial for us because it saves time and effort,” says Diego Tomatti, staff trainer and content director of the academy. “In addition to it being an excellent complement in the search for actions and game situations, we like to conceptualize. César Luis always says that "knowing about football is also knowing about players" and Wyscout, to a large extent, allows us to learn about countless players through the videos.”

Hudl Sportscode also plays a crucial part in the academy’s quest to devise a conceptual code window, based around Menotti’s footballing principles. “Menotti says that football has four actions: defend, recover, develop and define,” César Mario explains. “And that it has three essential foundations: time, space and deception.”

“In short, the comprehensiveness of all Hudl tools allows us to express our content how we want, to keep it over time with current matches, and with the challenge that we can be more creative every day,” continues César Mario. “Leveraging the relationship between solutions like Sportcode and Studio is a decisive advantage.”

The partnership also helps the academy stay ahead of the curve and contribute in shaping the future of South American managers and analysts. 

“Hudl allows us to innovate, through observation and knowledge, in the education process,” says César Luis Menotti. “It is a moment in time when this is vital, above all from a point of view of seriousness and professionalism.” 

“We discovered a new world of training and education in terms of football,” César Mario adds. “That is due to the infinite number of ideas occurring to us and can be addressed thanks to the relationship between Hudl’s products, services, and professionals.”

“Hudl provides essential tools,” concludes César Mario. “Having the possibility of technological tools adapting and customizing our ideas is a process that has awoken in us, not just an enormous enthusiasm, but the inspiration for a continuous improvement in our pedagogical approach.”

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