In the past, the challenges of filming made analysis more difficult in softball and baseball than in other sports. But teams are seeing results with video, and getting started is simple.

What was once considered a luxury is now commonplace: video analysis. Recording and analyzing game film has made its way to the ballpark and its importance is only growing. But don’t worry, you don’t need to purchase high-end cameras or complicated rigs to see the value of video. 

Filming baseball and softball games has always had obstacles. Oftentimes, it’s a tall ask for teams to dedicate a staff member to operate a camera when they’re needed in the dugout or on the field. 

Finding consistent, trustworthy filmers isn’t much easier. Asking for volunteers usually means putting out parents or fans. And if you do get a volunteer, they’re oftentimes distracted because they want to watch the game.

Plus, every ballpark has its nuances, and getting consistent video can be a headache.

But thanks to input and feedback from baseball and softball coaches across the country, more and more teams are jumping on board with Hudl. Now, recording games for video analysis is as fundamental to their game plan as batting practice.

Don’t Break the Bank.

What type of camera should you use? What extra equipment do you need? How much is it all going to cost?

These are the first questions on every coach’s mind when it comes to capturing their game film. And odds are you’re thinking something similar right now.

So let’s be clear from the start: Your budget is best spent on tools that help you perform on the diamond.

All you need to get started is your favorite recording device: a handheld camera if you have one, or an iOS device and a tripod (your phone or tablet will get the job done).

Seriously. That’s it.

Filming is Easier than Ever.

There are a lot of natural breaks in softball and baseball: every at-bat, each half-inning, pitching changes, mound visits, etc. But for filming games, you need only to hit the record button and walk away.

Starting and stopping the recording only adds work to your plate. By recording the entire game—including the in-between action—you’ll capture everything you want without needing an assistant to film or searching for a volunteer videographer. 

Plus, it eliminates any opportunity to miss out on crucial plays or important information. By filming everything from the first pitch to the final out, you’re recording all the key moments as well as any added context you may want or need when watching it back later.

Besides, fast-forwarding is easier than watching incomplete film. And with Hudl Assist, your film is automatically clipped for you, making it easy to find and review key moments, fast.

Any field. Every game.

Each ballpark is different. Recording at different venues means adapting with the elements. Some fields have metal backstops while others have netting. Sometimes the bleachers are elevated while others are ground level. Some have consistent outfield dimensions while others have a “green monster” out in left field.

No matter what setting you’re working with, all you need to do is ensure your recording device can capture everything between the first baseline and the third baseline.

As long as your film has a full view of a fair ball, then you’re all set. Just hit record and head to the dugout. Be sure that your recording device’s battery is fully charged and have a backup battery on-hand if necessary.

If you have a pressbox available, try out your setup there. An elevated vantage point can help you see throwing, fielding and swing angles, but it’s not required.

So to recap: You don’t need fancy new equipment. You don’t need to find filmers for every game. And you can capture video at any field.

Video analysis is a big part of developing players, scouting opponents and helping your team be at their best. And getting started is easier than you think.

What are you waiting for? Try recording your next practice or game, and see for yourself the kind of impact video can have on your team.

To learn more about how Hudl can revolutionize your program, check out our sport-specific baseball and softball pages.