Kevin Furtado has improved an upstart varsity girls basketball program by nearly 20 wins in a season. He shows us how he measures his success by tying metrics and video together.

0:35 — Reflecting on a historic season.

2019-20 was Lake Oconee girls basketball’s best season ever. Furtado talks about the successful campaign.

1:55 — Effects on the college recruiting circuit.

COVID restrictions present an interesting dilemma for both college recruiters and high school athletes looking to play at the next level. Furtado talks about how his program is handling it.

3:20 — How do you set the table in uncertain times?

Furtado talks about how he’s keeping his players connected and engaged with workout plans and challenges. 

5:05 — How the Titans tie data to their strategy

Furtado takes us into his Hudl account to show us how he measures their success and sets goals, including:

  • Turnover percentage — 15 percent or lower (8:00)
  • Shot charts — The Titans own the right block, and use these numbers to shape their strategy (8:50)
  • Three-point range — If you’re above 30 percent from each of the five areas on Hudl’s shot chart, Furtado says, you’re in good shape (10:55)

11:15 — Film study with Furtado

Furtado breaks down film of the Titans’ best performance of the playoffs, and some of the key strategies that led to the win: 

  • Short corner to high post dives (12:50)
  • Cross action to the low blocks (13:20)
  • Coming downhill with purpose (13:50)
  • Why so many cuts? (14:50)
  • Opportunities from the top of the key (16:15)

18:35 — Examining the three-pointer’s true value

Effective field goal percentage has been a driving force in the Titans’ year-over-year improvement. Furtado talks about how he leverages the stat in player development.

20:30 — Incorporating medicine balls in player development

“Ball toughness” is Furtado’s top priority. He explains the methods he uses to build strength in players’ hands, wrists, shoulders and legs, with the help of pads and med balls.

22:50 — Lessons from a high school coaching legend

Jill Nagel, Missouri’s all-time leader in state titles won by a female basketball coach, emphasizes points per possession. The key to that, she told Furtado, is taking care of the ball. 

24:00 — The importance of free throw factor

This is another stat Furtado pays a lot of attention to on game reports. The Titans shot exceptionally well from the line, but didn’t get there enough, which is why he’s looking to get his team’s FTF above a 0.4.

27:00 — Why tying data and video together matters — and where to start

Furtado talks about the “strong selling point” of seeing your performance on film tied to metrics, and the most important first steps coaches looking to embrace analytics should take.

30:50 — Furtado’s “Championship Vision” podcast

Furtado interviews some of the best coaches in the country on his podcast, “Championship Vision”. He shares how you can keep the conversation going with him.