Edniesha Curry, the only female assistant on a DI men’s basketball staff, shares her inter­na­tion­al basketball journey and its influence on the Black Bears’ approach to scouting and recruiting.

0:30 — Curry’s well-traveled basketball life

From the University of Oregon to the WNBA, Europe, Israel, Southeast Asia all the way to rural Orono, Maine. There’s a lot to unpack with Curry’s hoops journey.

7:50 — “I got that gut feeling”

Curry talks about how she first came to meet Richard Barron, who first hired her for his women’s basketball staff at Maine, then brought her to the men’s staff when he took over that role.

10:50 — Lessons from the NBA

In between her stints on the women’s and men’s staffs at Maine, Curry joined the NBA Assistant Coaches Program. She talked about her experiences there.

12:00 — The growing female influence

More and more females are getting opportunities to coach on the men’s side of basketball. Curry talked about the importance of taking gender out of the equation and appreciating coaches’ true value.

14:40 — A wholly unique philosophy with roster-building

Of the 13 scholarship players on the Black Bears’ roster, 12 come from a combined 11 foreign countries. And that’s just one element of their approach, which also includes:

  • Being super conservative with offers
  • Prioritizing character and academics
  • Avoiding AAU tournaments
  • Scouting remotely and overseas

18:00 — This transition to remote? "It wasn't that hard."

Curry estimates 80 percent of their evaluation process of a recruit is done remotely. In the post-COVID world, could this be a blueprint for the future?

20:40 — “Everyone looks great on a highlight reel”

What separates the good from the great? Curry discussed all the different things she looks for on film when evaluating a player’s fit for the Black Bears program.

25:45 — Applying coaching lessons from abroad

“Find your own lane,” says Maine head coach Richard Barron. That helps explain the foundation of the Black Bears' international influence. 

30:25 — The many hats Curry wears at Maine

It would be easier for Curry to tell you what she doesn’t do as an assistant coach. That includes her role as the small versatile staff’s de facto technology expert. It's all about turning disadvantages into advantages.

36:00 — Advice for remote coaching

Communication is key. So is logistics. Curry discussed the most important things coaches can be doing right now to set the table for the rest of the offseason.

40:20 — The value of pen and paper

Journaling is important in Curry’s coaching. Players will write down their workouts and progress, and even write letters to her throughout the season (just don’t write sloppy!)