Empower athletes to manage their own recruiting journey with the addition of new college search and contact func­tion­al­i­ty to the existing suite of recruiting tools.

Every year millions of high school and club athletes participate in athletics, yet only around 7% will get the chance to play at the college level. On the other side, you have college coaches and scouts who have to sift through thousands of potential prospects to find the right fit for their team. So how do athletes stand out? Hudl makes it easy. The same platform that powers player and team development can help every athlete get noticed and evaluated. 

Every prospective student athlete on a Hudl team has access to a free recruiting profile that showcases the information college coaches need to make evaluation easy. This includes highlights of an athlete's skills and full game video, as well as academic, athletic and preferred contact information. Profiles are automatically added to a national database of verified college recruiters who can find, evaluate and connect with prospects. 

Now, every athlete is empowered to manage their own recruiting journey with new Hudl college search and contact tools at no additional cost. These tools allow athletes to take the initiative to get noticed, rather than wait for a college program or recruiter to find them—making sure athletes get noticed regardless of whether a college coach is able to attend their events, socioeconomic status or opportunities to play in front of college scouts.

Exploring Colleges

These tools give athletes access to the direct contact info immediately, saving you from searching the internet for hours to find a coach's email. All an athlete needs to do is search for colleges by name that are the right fit based on their interest and ability, or use filters to narrow down a list of colleges based on state, school size, academic programs available, division and more.

Saving & Ranking Colleges

From here, when an athlete has a school in mind they are interested in, they can save the school and rank it with a status of their liking including applied, great fit, dream school, maybe, no and undecided.

Contacting College Coaches

Now that an athletes list is narrowed down, it’s time to begin contacting college coaches. Since everything is integrated with their Hudl profile all they need to do is initiate contact with the coach and write a personal message explaining why they are interested in their program. The college coach will receive an email with the athlete’s message and a link to their Hudl profile which showcases highlights and full game video, along with academic, athletic and preferred contact information.

It’s time to let Hudl do the heavy lifting. Share our College Recruiting Guide with your athletes to help them dig in on college recruiting eligibility, the college search process, and how to communicate with college coaches and get noticed. 

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