Ryland Brown is an O’Dea High School (WA) assistant coach and the resident out-of-bounds play expert. He breaks down how the Fighting Irish design their sideline and baseline plays, and how they use data to track their success.

0:35 — Helping players get recruited.

Preparing players for the next level without an AAU season.

3:26 — Game planning around personnel.

Collaborating with staff to scout and position players for maximum impact.

4:26 — Using data to measure out-of-bounds success plays.

Using stats and analytics to set goals and adjust their game plan to execute.

8:22 — Demo using video execute their strategy.

Playlists of their sets and how they deploy lineups.

14:21 — Protecting the tin.

Scouting opponents to stifle scoring opportunities.

17:04 — Demo of scouting opponent out-of-bounds sets.

How they use video to force teams to reset in the half courts.

21:09 — Using numbers at halftime.

Refocusing on the defensive end to stop scoring chances.

23:41 — Stopping sideline plays.

Video demo how to take the opponent out of their rhythm.

25:24 — Adopting analytics.

How to start leveraging data within a program.

28:10 — Connect with Coach Brown.

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