Hudl Replay provides live analysis when you need it the most. Make data-driven decisions quickly with real-time analysis, giving instant feedback using video replay on a handheld device. 

In this article, we will run through the key functionalities of Hudl Replay and ways instant replay feedback can benefit your team or organization as a whole.

Reliability as a Wireless Solution 

Replay allows analysts, coaches and players to tap into a range of features.  Namely, accessing playlists and communicating across multiple devices. The reliability of the Replay system has been tested across teams and leagues worldwide. 

For Scottish Premier League team Rangers FC, the reliability of the wireless solution has led to it being used across multiple levels of the club. 

“We use Replay every home matchday at Ibrox to send multi-angle video to the technical area with 100% reliability. We tested this last season across our squads (First Team, Women’s Team, Academy) and found it to be a reliable resource that replicated the wired solution that we have at Ibrox. 

We utilized this last season within training and match environments with the Women’s and Academy departments, as well as with the First Team during major finals and semifinals (Scottish Cup and Europa League).”

'As well as being able to be used wirelessly across various environments it is also commonly used as a wired solution at many home grounds' 

“Our wired solution enables us to set up Replay before our games with no stress as it is exceptionally easy to set-up,” said Reading FC. “The connection throughout the game is smooth and extremely reliable.”

Sending Output Reports to the Bench

Hudl Replay includes the ability to produce live output reports. This function makes in-game analysis and review processes efficient and flexible.

Replay enables coaches and analysts to analyze and review game situations and drive live in-game decision-making by sending live video and data feeds from the analyst's computer to the iPad on the sideline.

Custom code windows in Hudl Sportscode provide analysts with a flexible and user-friendly way of tagging important moments. These instances can be shared with Replay for immediate pitch-side review and analysis on any iPad in your stadium, arena or training center.

Live output reports are a relatively new tool and Aberdeen FC have found value in its functionality almost immediately. 

“For us it’s an extraordinary tool and we use it a lot. For our staff, it’s something new so it takes time to get used to it but it will definitely help our staff to find previous actions very quickly and easily.

Replay now also includes a feature called Coach Tagging, which allows coaches and analysts on the bench to create instances within the Replay system.”

Hudl Replay is the wireless solution that provides real-time video analysis, using instant replay.

Sending Video Instances to the Bench

Instances created with custom code windows in Hudl Sportscode are automatically shared to coaches for immediate review on any iPad in your stadium, arena or training center.

Liverpool FC’s Women’s Team commented that the process of sending video instances to the bench as “Super easy to use”.

“The coaches being able to see my codes, as well as being able to create their clips on the bench, has meant us developing a very strong collaborative approach to our live workflow.”

Staying in the women’s game, Reading FC’s Women’s Team noted the effect it had on saving time in their analysis workflow.

“The ability to send clips to the bench for the coaches to review in-game is effortless and streamlines our workflows for half time, allowing us to maximize the opportunity to give players information in the 15-minute window.”

Multi Angle Replays Available

Users can now watch the action back on the angle that works best for them using multi-angle replays in the Replay system. 

Replay users can watch footage from multiple angles in and switch angles using hotkeys or swiping gestures.

“Multi-angle replays are something that we added thanks to the structure and support of our club,” said Aberdeen FC. We use it only in home matches currently, but we think if we have a league deal where in all the stadiums we play in have multi-angle, it would be extraordinary.”

Zoom-in and Slow Mo Replays Available

Replay has a functionality that allows users to zoom in on important game situations and play them back in slow motion. This enables users to analyze and review critical game situations in real time. In-game decision-making is driven by sending live video and data feeds from the analyst's computer to an iPad on the sideline.

The new Zoom feature now allows coaches, analysts and medics to see every detail of every action. Not only can coaches and analysts review game situations with more granularity, but also medics can get a better idea of injury mechanisms. 

“The zoom feature gives us added insight into the game, including reviewing injuries with the medical team,” said Salford City’s Men’s Team.

Commenting on this feature of Replay, Reading FC Women’s Team said: “This feature is vital for us to review key moments in-game, so we can give the correct information to the players about events which have just occurred. It also is excellent in giving our medical team the opportunity to analyze potential injuries and be able to assist the medical teams' assessment of a player.”

Example of how Hudl Replay instances can be compiled into playlists.

The Impact of using Replay for Analysts

Canvassing opinions from users around the United Kingdom gives a strong indication of the positive impact Replay has had on both streamlining and speeding up the workflows of their analysis staff - especially in the case of instant feedback and integration between other Hudl analysis software.

“The analysts are in regular contact with the bench via radio link and by providing video feedback on the bench via Replay, coaches can view any instances or patterns that we have flagged up,” said Rangers FC. 

“The use of multi-angles provides a far greater perspective of the game for the staff to review rather than only watching on the flat from the bench.”

“Replay gives us consistency with match-day setup for both home and away games and allows us to provide accurate feedback to inform the players and impact our decision-making,” said Salford City FC.

Reading FC Women’s Team commented: “Replay allows me to discuss instances in-game with the coaching staff on the bench and enables me to share information to the coaches, so we can make more informed decisions in-game”

Impact of having Replay on the Bench for Coaches

Comparing between now and then, when put in the context of using Hudl Replay, provides a range of examples where it is now seen as an indispensable tool. 

“Our coaches have become accustomed to having Replay on the bench and now see it as a basic requirement and not an additional bonus,” said Rangers FC”. This is particularly evident at difficult away grounds where we haven’t been able to provide any video for them on the bench, hence the time spent testing and subsequently purchasing a mobile solution for this season.”

“Replay gives our coaches the chance to immediately review vital events in-game to get a better viewpoint of situations,” said Reading FC Women’s. “ It also allows us to prepare the information at half time earlier so we can maximize our half time team talks to both the whole team and individual players.”

“The feedback from the coaching staff is very positive in all aspects,” said Aberdeen FC. “There is always a long way to improve and add new tools to our daily routines, but we think that we are in a good way and that’s thanks to all of you.”

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