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The latest release of Hudl Replay includes the exciting new feature - Instance Viewer, which means it just became more efficient to gain crucial insights from pitch-side.

Hudl Replay enables coaches and analysts to analyze and review critical game situations and drive live in-game decision-making by sending live video and data feeds from the analyst computer to the iPad on the sideline.

Custom code windows in Hudl Sportscode provide analysts with a flexible and user-friendly way of tagging important moments. These instances can be shared with Replay for immediate pitch-side review and analysis on any iPad in your stadium, arena or training center.

The new Instance Viewer allows coaching and analysis staff to play back instances with their own progress bar, making it even more efficient to navigate to key aspects of specific situations. To quote one of our beta product testers: “The Instance Viewer allows us to drill into every detail of every game situation without wasting time. Smooth Scrubbing, Pinch to Zoom, Slow Motion and Fast Forward controls allow us to dissect crucial game moments.”

Key aspects of the new Instance Viewer are:

  • Playback of instances with their own progress bar for better scrubbing through specific moments.
  • Zoom, Slow Motion and Fast Forward functionality.
  • Skipping instances of the same instance group without having to leave the Instance Viewer.
  • Multi-angle support to gain insights from different camera perspectives.
  • Support for instances accessed via Live Output Reports.
  • Ability to playback clips from playlists in the Instance Viewer.
  • Watch the new Instance Viewer for Hudl Replay in action

Hudl Senior Product Manager Jörg Stadelmann commented:

“Our goal is to enable our customers to make decisions under pressure and affect winning behaviors of teams & athletes. Not only is the ability to quickly access and review specific game situations paramount, it is also essential to effectively navigate to key aspects of these situations. The new Instance Viewer was the logical next step after releasing Live Output Reports in Replay earlier this year.

“Whilst Output Reports allow to monitor club-specific KPIs and quickly navigate to the video that really matters, the Instance Viewer ensures that absolutely no aspect of the video is being missed. After receiving good feedback in the beta phase we are excited for this public release. The product team is already working on the next enhancements within Replay and Hudl Sportscode and we are looking forward to releasing these in due course.”