Jen Welter has seen it all as a player, coach and football ambassador. Learn about player development, safety in football and more in these exclusive video clips.

Equipped with an extensive football background and a doctorate in psychology, Jen Welter knows a thing or two about effective communication between players and coaches. 

With her experience as both a player (seriously, check out her highlights) and coach, Jen has seen first-hand where feedback can be misconstrued by either party. Players can be defensive when they receive constructive criticism and coaches can be ineffective when trying to communicate key teaching points to their team. 

As evidenced by her rise to becoming the first female coach in the NFL, Jen learned almost immediately that coupling the right mindset with emerging video technologies can go a long way in ensuring players reach their maximum potential while coaches round out their football knowledge. 

We sat down with Jen to pick her brain, not only about best practices regarding player development, but also her journey to the NFL and how coaches can make the game safer.  

There Is Always More to Learn

Jen discusses the importance of self-criticism and how video can provide key insights for continuous player development.

Keeping the Game Safe

When it comes to safety, playing the right way trumps making the right play. Jen breaks down why repetition and video analysis are essential to teaching proper technique.

Getting Better is a Gift

There’s a science to being coached and reviewing game film. Jen offers advice for athletes that want to take up film study.

Path to the NFL

Jen’s journey to the NFL is one of the most inspiring stories in sports. Listen as Jen describes the highs and lows, and recounts her experience coaching with the Arizona Cardinals.

What's Next for Jen Welter?

Jen’s passion for the game of football has steered her in many directions. The big question now: What’s next for one of football’s biggest ambassadors?

We have plenty of additional content from our interview with Jen coming down the pipe. In the meantime, check out this article to learn more about how you can use video to develop better players.  

To follow Jen in her journey to expand the game of football, visit To see Jen in action, check out this highlight reel from her playing days.