Introducing Interactive Shot Charts

Break down your bas­ket­ball video in even greater detail.

Introducing Interactive Shot Charts

Break down your bas­ket­ball video in even greater detail.

Generally speak­ing, any­one who con­sid­ers video an impor­tant piece of game prep is a visu­al learn­er. And while the video itself is fun to study, the raw num­bers behind it could use a lit­tle spic­ing up, so we got to work cre­at­ing a whole new way to study your team’s effi­cien­cy on offense. Enter the shot chart – auto­mat­i­cal­ly cre­at­ed as play­er stats are tagged and total­ly interactive.

You can gen­er­ate your own shot chart in one of two ways:

  • Tag team stats live and com­plete play­er stats with shot loca­tions after the game.
  • Tag every­thing – team stats, play­er stats and shot loca­tions – with our new Tag and Stat from Video option, ready to come out with ver­sion 4.3.11 of the Hudl app for iOS. 

Once the tags are in, head to the Video tab on Hudl​.com. Open the event and scroll down to find a com­plete shot chart. You’ll see full game stats by default, but fil­ters for quar­ter, zone and ath­lete allow you to nar­row things down for more in-depth study!

Athletes have access to shot charts as well, so they’ll know when and where they’re mak­ing or miss­ing shots.

Because you’re tag­ging these loca­tions from video, click­ing any zone will pull up a playlist of those shots, allow­ing coach­es and ath­letes to see just how good (or bad) some may have been.

Where things get real­ly inter­est­ing is the shad­ing. You may notice some zones are a dark­er blue than oth­ers. The opac­i­ty changes based on efficiency. 

  • Your high­est shoot­ing per­cent­age will always be the dark­est blue. 
  • Hudl will map low­er per­cent­ages with rel­a­tive opacities. 
  • Ex. If the high­est FG% is 100%, then 50% will have 50% opac­i­ty and so on. If the high­est per­cent­age is 20%, then 20% will be dark­est blue, 15% will have 75% opac­i­ty, and 10% will have 50%.

It’s all avail­able right now, so be sure to stat this weekend’s games for a first look at what the charts have to offer. If you run into any trou­ble, don’t hes­i­tate to con­tact our sup­port team – and keep an eye out for ver­sion 4.3.11 in the App Store. The option to tag all stats after the game is part of that release.

Good luck!