Break down your basketball video in even greater detail.

Generally speaking, anyone who considers video an important piece of game prep is a visual learner. And while the video itself is fun to study, the raw numbers behind it could use a little spicing up, so we got to work creating a whole new way to study your team’s efficiency on offense. Enter the shot chart – automatically created as player stats are tagged and totally interactive.

You can generate your own shot chart in one of two ways:

  • Tag team stats live and complete player stats with shot locations after the game.
  • Tag everything – team stats, player stats and shot locations – with our new Tag and Stat from Video option, ready to come out with version 4.3.11 of the Hudl app for iOS.

Once the tags are in, head to the Video tab on Open the event and scroll down to find a complete shot chart. You’ll see full game stats by default, but filters for quarter, zone and athlete allow you to narrow things down for more in-depth study!

Athletes have access to shot charts as well, so they’ll know when and where they’re making or missing shots.

Because you’re tagging these locations from video, clicking any zone will pull up a playlist of those shots, allowing coaches and athletes to see just how good (or bad) some may have been.

Where things get really interesting is the shading. You may notice some zones are a darker blue than others. The opacity changes based on efficiency. 

  • Your highest shooting percentage will always be the darkest blue.
  • Hudl will map lower percentages with relative opacities. 
  • Ex. If the highest FG% is 100%, then 50% will have 50% opacity and so on. If the highest percentage is 20%, then 20% will be darkest blue, 15% will have 75% opacity, and 10% will have 50%.

It’s all available right now, so be sure to stat this weekend’s games for a first look at what the charts have to offer. If you run into any trouble, don’t hesitate to contact our support team – and keep an eye out for version 4.3.11 in the App Store. The option to tag all stats after the game is part of that release.

Good luck!