Collaborate like never before with video analysis sent to coaches, analysts and players in seconds.

We’re excited to announce the launch of Hudl Replay, our new instant replay solution. Football, basketball, rugby and hockey teams can now collaborate from anywhere on site with video analysis delivered in real time.

Hudl Replay takes a team’s capture setup one step further, streaming their video and Sportscode analysis straight to connected mobile devices in real time. Video analysis will have a bigger impact during the action, directly influencing decisions and player development.

Share Sportscode analysis to iPads anywhere in the arena, stadium or rink.

“We wanted to optimize real-time workflows to allow analysts and coordinators to spend more time powering their team’s performance and less time on their process and on setting up,” said Kyle Deterding, product director at Hudl. “Speed is the name of the game at the professional level and Hudl Replay helps teams instantly make in-game adjustments, all while leveraging their existing video capture and analysis setup.”

Our wireless replay technology was first developed for American football and has been adopted by more than 3,000 teams. But with recent rule changes by the NBA, NHL and FIFA allowing video playback on the court, rink and pitch, we wanted to build a solution to address the needs of every sport.

Access live video analysis of all the action to improve decisions in real time.

Hudl Replay has been used by teams in the NBA over the past year and trialed extensively throughout Europe’s top football leagues, including the Bundesliga, Premier League and La Liga.

"Replay is a great tool for us to detect tactical issues live in-game, and communicate the most important points to the coaches on the bench for review,” said Lasse Winther Andersen, an analyst for AGF (Aarhus Gymnastikforening) in Denmark. “[It’s] an absolute game-changer.”

Hudl Replay will be available to Sportscode Elite customers starting 13 August. If your team or club is interested in learning more, let us know.