Today’s game requires new-age technology to develop your players. These club coaches turn to Hudl to improve their squads.

The landscape of club basketball has changed the way clubs view themselves. It’s not all about winning tournament titles. The modern game requires successful clubs to develop talent so players can eventually compete at the next level. It’s a focal point for every club—how many players have you developed to play in college and (hopefully) professionally?

Today’s game has also made it necessary to embrace new-age technology to accelerate player development. Elite coaches across the U.S. are using video not just to set their club apart, but as the main tool to help stimulate the minds of their young players—and they’re translating that to on-court development.

Jayrd Piecuch of City Hoop Dreams, a club that utilizes Hudl with teams starting at eighth grade, highlighted the value video analysis provides for individual players at that age level. “You can dig deeper into a player’s individual development,” Piecuch said. “You [can] really focus on what they need to work on, where their weak spots are on the floor.”

Through shot charts and playlists on Hudl, Piecuch uses video to work with his players to ensure they’re developing their game across the board. “Each kid can focus on what they did at that time,” Piecuch added. “It’s going to give them the advantage over the kid that’s just getting verbal communication from their coach.”

Brendan Carter, director and CEO of Rise Above Basketball, knows video is directly tied to player growth and development. “The first time I ever saw myself on video was [when] I was a college player,” said Carter. “It wasn’t until I went and played at that level and saw myself on film that I was like, ‘Wow, you’re not as good as you think you are.’

“Once you actually see everything, not just with a basketball in your hand; what you were doing off the ball, how you look in transition. From a player analysis standpoint and from a coaching standpoint, when I realized I could offer this to my kids… it was a no-brainer.”

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