Real Colorado is unapolo­getic about winning, using technology to their advantage in every way possible.

The beautiful game has evolved over time—formations and tactics are more fluid, players seem to get faster every year and advanced statistics are a mainstay in modern football. 

How do we know? Technology.

Video analysis in soccer has been used at the elite level for some time now and has made its way to the club and youth teams.

As modern soccer has shifted to the widespread adoption of technology, Hudl has proven to be the ideal solution for Real Colorado. They’ve been at the forefront at the club level of using technology to its advantage—constantly experimenting with new tactics to learn from them and adjust.

Video has removed the misunderstanding and misremembering between players and coaches that happen during a game. Having the ability to go back and watch the film the next day or months after the game gives the club an endless amount of opportunities to learn from. 

Plus, as club soccer is a stepping stone for the careers of most players they are often eager for feedback—creating students of the game and passion for their personal journey. A journey that often leads them to play collegiately.

Hudl being introduced to the players before the collegiate level speaks to how Real prepares their players for the next step in all aspects, not just on the field. 

When the time comes, parents and players won’t have to scramble for film to send to colleges, as they will be creating and sharing highlights throughout their club career. Players will have fine-tuned that skill of knowing what clips to implement into their highlight reel and where to place them. 

At a young age, these players are learning beyond just tactics and formations. They are learning how to watch and analyze game film—simulating what collegiate programs do across the country. 

Just as at the elite level, Real relies on data-driven analysis for building their game plans. 

Hudl Assist creates automated game breakdowns for the staff to view post-game. Player and team stats are directly linked to video for coaches to review, analyze and share. 

Sharing is a component of Assist that better helps Real understand their opponents. Being able to scout their opposing team beforehand gives the club the liberty to prepare a game plan any way they want.

The reports created by Assist help analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the opposing club. When do they hold possession more? Where can they become more dangerous?

Real is keen on growth and development. The implementation of video has given them another tool to accelerate players’ development, helping them reach the heights they have today.

As a result, their fearless mentality paired with technology has put Real into contention year in and out in national tournaments.

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