Enhance your live match analysis with this post-match review workflow made up of four parts: Distribution of match analysis, additional tagging, importing event data, and finally, the post-match analysis and review.

Distribute Match Analysis

Video captured and tagged live is ready for review by coaching staff and players.

Once the primary data has been tagged, cleaned and checked it is essential for that information to be shared amongst the coaching staff and players in an extremely timely manner to ensure that the relevant moment(s) can be reviewed while the match is still at the forefront of the mind for those involved.

The ease of sharing the footage and data post-match locally via Hudl Sportscode is key to the flexibility required within the working environment and sharing online has been hugely simplified by the ability to upload the video package directly to Hudl.com from within Hudl Sportscode.

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    Additional Tagging

    Add additional tags using Hudl Sportscode or Hudl Coda to provide deeper tactical insights. 

    The match event tagging can easily be supplemented with additional tagging that is carried out post-match by one or more Analysts and/or coaches.  This additional layer of data done after the heat of the game can provide a far more subjective level of coding based on the playing style and philosophy of the team.

    Using either Hudl Sportscode or iCoda the Analyst and/or Coaches can independently add the extra layer of data when required.

    This data can be added on the primary timeline, a secondary timeline within the package or a completely separate duplicated package from which the data is then exported and imported into the original package or uploaded directly to the online package.

      Quickly build a code window to fit your workflow. Pick and choose colors, labels, actions and more, or import images to fill in your starters.

      Import Event Data

      Import XML data from Wyscout to provide event data alongside tactical analysis. Where leagues have central deals for event data (i.e. Opta, Ortec) this can also be imported.

      With the ability to not only save time but provide a standardized set of data the ability to import data from a third party provider can prove hugely beneficial.

      Having the event data available within 12 hours (or less) of the match being completed means the analyst can focus on performing more in depth analysis tasks rather than spending the time producing the standard event information.

      It is also possible to import additional data types, including but not limited to;

      • GPS Data
      • Physical Data


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      Post-match Analysis & Review

      Analysts and coaches prepare engaging post-match video review sessions focusing on performance in the past match. Organize and deliver sessions with full team, position units and individuals. Presentations are made available to players via Hudl for independent review anywhere on web and mobile.

      Delivering post-match analysis enables coaches and players to understand the areas in which the game plan was adhered to or ignored and the positive and negative impact of the decisions on both a team and individual basis.

      Utilizing Hudl Sportscode allows the coaches and players the ability to bring to life the evidence gathered during the live and post-match data creation. 

      Creating playlists with video, custom slides, animations and notes offers the tools to allow clear and concise direct feedback to players as individuals, collectively in units, or as the entire team.

      Building aesthetically pleasing Output windows that link to video is also a proven way to help ensure players engage with the video and data.  This provides a simple tool allowing coaches and players to control and view the areas that they deem as important on a personal basis.