Middle school is a crucial time for kids. Personally, it’s a time of huge growth in and out of the classroom. Athletically, it’s a time when kids are taught the basics of sports and learn to love the game.

It’s also an important stage for middle school coaches. Unlike coaches at the high school level, middle school coaches are tasked with focusing more on things like teaching the basics of the sport, building character and having fun, as opposed to an increased emphasis on winning.

While Hudl is known for helping high school coaches develop a winning edge, it’s also a great tool for middle school coaches. With a middle school package, coaches, athletes, athletic directors and fans all benefit.

Imagine you’re the coach of a middle school basketball team. You’re working with a great group of kids, some with more skill and basketball know-how than others. How do you help bridge that gap and help everyone grow in their own way? With Hudl, it’s easy.

A Hudl Focus camera in your gym captures HD, AI-powered video of your athletes during practices and games. When you store that video on Hudl, you can seamlessly review the film and help your athletes learn the fundamentals of the game. 

Using film, you can more efficiently install simplistic offensive and defensive principles to help teach the basics of the game. Now instead of just telling your middle school team how to run a pick-and-roll, you can show them and help them improve. You can even show them examples of proper positioning in a 2-3 zone to help them grasp the concepts faster.

But that’s not all. With Hudl Assist, you can go beyond the film and see the stats behind the action. Instead of explaining to your team that it’s more efficient to pass the ball into the paint and shoot, now you have the data to back it up. And with Assist, it’s easy. Simply submit your game film and in 12-24 hours, our team of analysts break down your film so you can focus on the details that help your team improve. 

And as much as a Hudl middle school package will benefit athletes and coaches, it will equally benefit your school and fans. With the same Hudl Focus camera your coaches use to improve their players, schools can tap into the livestreaming capabilities of Hudl to keep fans close to the action for sporting events, graduations and more. Choose from pay-per-view, sponsored or free-to-view streams and put money back into your athletic department budget.

A middle school package isn’t just an investment in athletes or coaches, but an investment into every aspect of your middle school athletics ecosystem. Give your middle school program an extra boost today with a Hudl middle school package.