Train your prediction algorithms with the largest football dataset: data and videos from 300+ leagues globally to boost the accuracy of your predictions.

Wyscout’s football data offering:

2,000 new matches every week with 2,000 events documented in every match. That adds up to four million events. Wyscout is the world’s leading provider of performance data in the footballing world. 

After each match, we provide raw data, advanced statistics, rankings and many other outputs. Including:

  • Complete statistical reports with the highest detail of analysis across more than 400 competitions.
  • Advanced statistics search tool to find, analyze and compare more than 400,000 players.
  • Sophisticated data feeds that easily integrate with your platforms and other applications.

    We help betting companies to be first in line:

    Wyscout can offer the widest coverage on the market with historical data up to 5 years into the past. It’s never been easier to boost the accuracy of your predictions with data and video from 300+ leagues globally, including the major league in world football, right down to non-league competitions. 

    Wyscout's commitment to innovation and the desire to offer best in class recruitment solutions to our customers have prompted us to make big investments in the data area. From fall 2019, our engineering, data science and product teams have been working on increased data accuracy and consistency.

    Discover our football data with our data packages:

    DB API Pack:

    This pack features all the basic information about matches, including results, team sheets, referees and the matches' basic events.

    It also features standings, fixtures, results, the players' photos and team logos.

    Stats API Pack

    This pack features 200+ events data and stats for players and teams. Data can be cumulative, average, per cent, outcome-based, position-based, role-based & more.

    Expected Goals, PPDA, Key Passes and all other stats are always up to date, available for single matches and season-wide.

    Events API Pack:

    This is the ultimate events pack, featuring all relevant information about the match's events: timing, position, outcome, attributes & more.

    The event API pack provides a complete breakdown of events within matches, including positional data on the pitch and the timing of the subjects involved - specific to each individual event.

    This allows you to build your own metrics, with your own parameters. As you have the events and all the data related to those events, you can start from that to build your own specific metrics from scratch.

    Want to see data and report samples for yourself? 

    Visit our sample homepage and download them here