When this longtime NBA vet wasn’t working on bringing another title to Golden State, he was breaking down the video of a North Carolina club team.

The road habits of NBA players tend to be pretty standard. Their time before the game is usually consumed with naps and/or shopping. Afterward it’s time to hit the town or hit the hay.

David West has a different routine. A lifelong basketball junkie, the Warriors forward can’t stop watching video on his iPad or computer. And when he’s not checking out Golden State’s next opponent or the Warriors’ most recent performance, he turns to Garner Road.

Run by his brother Dwayne, the North Carolina outfit is one of the nation’s more successful club programs. In its 28 years, Garner Road has helped more than 300 athletes earn Division I or II basketball scholarships, highlighted by John Wall and TJ Warren.

And David is doing his best to ensure the club only has more success in the future. Deemed “The Scholar” during his tenure in Indiana, the 15-year veteran spends his downtime watching the stars of tomorrow, sending them tips and encouragement.

“David is pretty busy, but he’s also a night owl,” Dwayne said. “He’s a guy that when (the other players) are in a city and they’re out shopping at the mall or out hanging out or whatever, David is in his room. He is an information hound. He’s always reading books or looking at the film, whether it be his film or other team’s film. He communicates to those kids what he sees on film. During the season, when he has his down time and he’s sitting in his room, he’s looking at that film and he’s texting kids back and forth.”

David isn’t the only Garner Road associate that’s embraced the power of video. With 13 boys teams and three girls squads, it’s essential that the coaches remain on the same page and are consistent with their message to the athletes.

It’s up to Dwayne, the club’s director since 2000, to ensure that the machine keeps running smoothly, and Hudl is the perfect wingman.

“(The coaches) are on the same wavelength and the same page,” Dwayne said. “As they look at these games and discuss what they see on the film, they start to really have continuity in regards to their messages to the players, which is very important.”

And that consistent message is critical to the players’ development, which Dwayne says is Garner Road’s ultimate goal.

“When you start to eliminate the incompetencies and improve on the things that make that kid special, that’s when development happens,” Dwayne said. “I would say that Hudl helps us develop. It’s one of the tells that helps us develop them IQ-wise. They actually get to see their goods and their bads. (The players) get the opportunity to see the possibilities. Even in a good basketball play, you freeze it and show them, ‘You made this decision and it worked out well for you, but there are some other ways that you could have done this.’

“I look at Hudl as a piece of development. If you develop at a high level, winning takes care of itself.”

Whether you’re an NBA veteran killing downtime on the road or a coach looking to level up your players, Hudl is here for you. Check out the difference video can make.