The WNBL club has started using video courtside, giving coaches and players valuable feedback in real time.

Every WNBL team makes roster moves in the offseason in an effort to find new talent. But the Dandenong Rangers picked up a different kind of addition that’s paying off handsomely so far.

iPads have made their way onto the Rangers’ bench this season as the team continues to lead the charge in video analysis. Performance analyst Warren Brown now has the ability to feed data to the coaches during games, providing instant feedback that helps the staff make game-changing decisions in the heat of the moment.

“It gives the coaches a chance to review what is happening in the game and make adjustments where needed,” Brown said. “(They can) show players on the bench or at time outs what is happening in video format.”

“Video is the visual voice coaches and players will look for to help them with their game and game plans.”

Dandenong is the only club in the WNBL to employ an analyst to looks over all teams, from its junior program to the WNBL professional team. That role has belonged to Brown for the last few years, and he’s made a big impact. Brown uses Sportscode to deliver data to the bench during games, making Dandenong the first Australian club to take advantage of the technology. Due to WNBL policy, Brown requests written approval for his team to use mobile vision during games.

Between games, Brown puts together scouting reports for both the Rangers and their upcoming opponents. This improves athletes’ preparations heading into walkthroughs and gives them a solid idea of what they’ll see during the game.

“Coaches can sit down with individual players and go through their shots and talk about changes that might be needed or how good they are playing,” Brown said. “Hudl allows players to sit and watch themselves and make their own judgment of how they are playing, then go to the coaches with questions on different plays.”

As excited as the Rangers are about how video has helped them, they know they’re only scratching the surface of its full capabilities. As the club continues to use video, Brown knows players and coaches will find even better insights to help them win.

“Video will play a big role in the future with everyone using Hudl and getting players to have more interaction with coaches via the use of video,” Brown said.