A club coach in Texas is passionate about getting his players to the next level. Hudl Assist helps him achieve that goal.

Mike Cooper has one main objective in mind when he coaches: get his players to college. As the coach of the DQ Queens 17U team in Fort Worth, Texas, he knows the value of a college education and the doors it can unlock for his athletes.

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“I want the girls to be successful in life,” Cooper said. “I want them to be involved in positive activities and be winners in life. If they can use the game of basketball to pay for their education, there’s a lot of value in that. I have a Masters degree and I know how competitive the work force is. These kids need to be educated and have the credentials. It’s going to help them compete in the work force.”

Cooper’s way to help the girls continue their education is getting recruiters to come see their games. The more eyes his players get, the better their odds to reel in scholarship offers and get to the next level.

Getting recruiters to Fort Worth isn’t always an easy task, but Cooper has the ultimate bait to lure them in. He teaches his players how to make highlight videos that catch the eyes of college coaches and leave them wanting more.

“It’s very, very valuable and critical,” Cooper said. “The videos brought out a lot of coaches. It helped all our players. We had all the players put reels together and send them to the schools they were interested in. It definitely helps, getting those players out there and exposing them to these coaches.”

The creation process of  these critical videos is even simpler with Hudl Assist. Because all of the DC Queens’ stats are linked to video, the players can quickly find whatever moment they’re after. Finding a clutch 3-pointer, impressive steal or game-swinging block is simply a click away.

“You can easily find the clips,” Cooper said. “I was able to pull the clips I was looking for to make highlight videos.”

But recruiting isn’t the only way Assist aids Cooper and the DC Queens. It’s also proved to be a valuable coaching tool that unlocked insights the coach didn’t see previously. By checking out the stats and watching the corresponding video, Cooper has found a number of areas to help his team improve.

“The data that Assist was able to give was very helpful from a coaching standpoint,” he said. “It prepared me for games. It showed me where the girls shot from and where they were more successful shooting from—the left wing from the right wing. They may have shot 20 percent from the corner but 50 percent from the top of the key. It helps me develop these kids and show them their strengths. It also shows me where we’re struggling at so we can work on that. We spent a lot of time toward the end of the summer on shooting trying to get our percentages up.”

The potential that comes from linking video and stats is nearly limitless. If you want to experience it yourself, check out Assist.