One assistant coach saved time, scouted more games and com­mu­ni­cat­ed more effectively. Here’s how Assist flipped his schedule.

Every coaching staff has a hidden asset, a behind-the-scenes grinder who puts in a lot of the long hours and dirty work that allow the more senior coaches to make effective game plans.

Adam Tuttle is that coach for Angola High School (Ind.). His job became easier a few years back when Angola added Hudl, but he still faced long nights breaking down the games, only to wake the next morning and hit the video again. Tuttle didn’t mind the load, but any tool that could make his job easier would be welcomed.

Hudl Assist proved to be his savior in 2015-16. While Hudl’s analysts broke down Angola’s games, Tuttle could start on the upcoming opponent and still hit the hay a little earlier. The structure of his weekends changed dramatically as his entire process got a turbo boost.

After working out the kinks, Tuttle’s process was even smoother and more refined last season. Just to prove the differences, we had him break down his weekend workflow.


With Assist: Look back on insights gained from hours spent watching multiple games of Friday’s opponent earlier in the week. Share video and comments with players to drill home certain points and help them gain a deeper understanding of what they’re facing Friday.

Without Assist: Spend hours watching video and drawing notes of opponent sets and offensive tendencies on a legal pad.

Friday Pre-Game

With Assist: Watch video on iPad with fellow coaches from 4 - 7:30 p.m., looking for any final insights on plays, sets and motions. Meet with individual players to break down the certain clips of video they need to see.

Without Assist: Meet on the court for final walkthrough. Use legal pad to place JV players and once more show the team what the opponent is likely to run. Meet with individual players and go through drawings of plays they need to see.

Friday Post-Game

With Assist: Get home from the game and upload the video to Hudl. While it processes, scout multiple games for Saturday’s opponent. Instead of watching the entire film, closely examine specific tendencies and plays. View two or three games. Go to bed around 1 a.m.

Without Assist: Get home and upload video. Watch one game of scouting video for Saturday’s opponent. Call other coaching staffs to ask about opponent. Answer similar calls from other coaches. Go to bed around 1 a.m.

Angola went 18-8 last season and advanced to the third round of the Class 3A state tournament.


With Assist: Attend 8 a.m. practice. View the broken down video and share clips with coaches and players. Watch additional scouting games to try and catch anything that might have been missed. Address those concerns on the bus or during the JV game.

Without Assist: Wake up very early and start breaking down last night’s game before practice. Break out the legal pad at practice to diagram opponent plays. Watch as much scouting video as possible before the game.

Assist completely altered Tuttle’s weekend. He was able to do far more scouting, especially on the short turnaround for Saturday’s opponent. And instead of showing plays and sets drawn out on a notepad, he brought his findings to life by sharing video with coaches and players.

“It’s just been such a blessing,” Tuttle said. “We’ve always been looking for an edge. With high school basketball, you’re as good as your team can be skill-wise, but by studying the game and what people are trying to do and throw at you, that can make it a totally different game.”

Assist revamped Tuttle’s schedule and it can do the same for you. Sign up before season and experience the time-saving benefits for yourself.