We had Coach Vass answer your most pressing questions as you enter the most crucial point of your football season. Take these tips and tricks with you to your next film session.

4:30 — Vass discusses his favorite reports to use — and an even better way to create them.

17:30 —Vass explains his favorite custom columns to use for scouting opponents in Hudl. 

(For a complete breakdown of all the data columns Coach Vass tracks in Hudl, check out Part 1 and Part 2 of his Hudl series "Take Your Data to the Practice Field.")

29:00 — How do you fix your special teams issues during the season? It's not a matter of simply playing your best players.

33:20 — You've got your next playoff matchup. You've got only a few days to prepare for your opponent. Where do you start?

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