Volleymetrics has joined the Hudl family!

We’re excited to join forces to help teams improve performance at every level of volleyball. We want to make sure you understand what’s going on and what it means for you.

What does Hudl do?

Hudl is a sports video analysis software company serving teams at every level with the tools to study and improve performance. Hudl has 4MM unique users worldwide with 164,000 teams across 30+ sports, of which 2,600 play Div. I and professionally.

What does Volleymetrics do?

Volleymetrics is the industry leader in advanced video analysis for elite college and professional teams. Their platform provides in-depth statistics, advanced visual reporting and assisted breakdown services.

What will happen to my video?

It’s safe. You can still access everything in its usual place.

Does this change my bill?

Nope, your subscription price will stay the same.

Can we still use our Volleymetrics cameras?

Yes, you can!

What does this mean for the upcoming men’s indoor and beach season?

You won’t have any changes this season.

Which solution is better for my team, Hudl or Volleymetrics?

We want to make sure you find the perfect fit. Contact your sales rep to talk through all available options. If you don’t know your sales rep contact us at 402-817-0060 or sales@hudl.com.

Who do I call for support?

Contact the team dedicated to the product you’re using.

Hudl: 402-817-0063 or support@hudl.com

VolleyMetrics: 385-204-5133 or support@volleymetrics.com

Volleymetrics’ junior club website said they will be rolling out athlete profiles and highlights next season. Will Volleymetrics continue development on this?

Because these features are already available on Hudl, Volleymetrics won’t release them as planned. To learn more and access these features in Hudl, contact your sales rep.