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Hudl User Guides

Volleyball Recording Tips

Preseason Prep

Choose your favorite device to record—iPad, iPhone or camera.

Decide the ideal recording setup for your team. An iPad or iPhone gets video online faster because it can upload live with a WiFi connection. But a camera gives you better zoom and quality options. It also gives you more storage freedom since you can use multiple memory cards to record several matches in one day.

Match Tips

Record behind your side of the net.

The best vantage point is behind the end line on your side of the net. It can be a tight squeeze, but recording from this angle gives you an opportunity to better analyze positioning and see jersey numbers. To record effectively from the end line, have your device either far enough to see both deep corners or high enough to get the full court in frame. Angle your camera to capture the action and make sure your camera is focused. If you can’t have your setup behind the end line, set up diagonally from the corner of your end line and switch sides between sets.