Tag and Share Videos

Tagging your videos helps you keep them orga­nized. Select one of the fol­low­ing for steps on tagging:

  • Tag and Share from Recording
  • Tag and Share from Video List

Tag and Share from Recording

  1. Once you’re fin­ished record­ing, tap done.

  2. Add com­ments to the video by typ­ing in the com­ment box.

  3. Tap the tag to indi­cate what move­ment or action took place.

  4. Tap the ath­lete icon to indi­cate who was in the video.

  5. Select from pre­ex­ist­ing tags or cre­ate a cus­tom tag.

  6. Select who to share the video with or post to Community. 

  7. Tap Save Video to share with your players. 

Tag and Share from Video List

  1. Open Hudl Technique and tap Videos. 

  2. Tap Edit Tags.

  3. Tag the ath­lete in this video and the tech­nique being used.

  4. Tap Save Video to save the tags on the video