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How do you coach your team when “practice” turns into “practice social distancing?” Hudl’s been a digital coaching tool from day one, but now more than ever, we want to help you stay connected to your players and fellow coaches.

Learn from the best in the Digital Coaching Center

There’s nothing like learning from an expert, and there’s no time like the present. We partnered with the best coaches and thought leaders in the sports community to serve you relevant content. This hub houses their presentations and advice on topics ranging from crisis leadership and remote coaching to building connections and celebrating players.

Start Learning

Keep your team running with the Remote Coaching Guide

Coaches just like you are finding creative ways to use technology to keep their athletes connected and engaged from a distance. We’ve gathered resources from those coaches to create this guide full of best practices, tips and tools. You’ll find recommended communication tools, ways to boost team morale, advice for assessing your team philosophy, and more ways to bring your team together, wherever you are.

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Schedule Time with an Expert

Looking to use your time at home to level up your Hudl skills? This is how you can get individual time from a Hudl specialist. Sign up for a time slot and one of our pros will help you learn a new workflow, level-up your analysis skills, or answer any questions you have about our products.

Join a Group Training

Our online classes cover Hudl basics, analysis, highlights, recruiting and more. These video sessions are hosted by the pros on our team. Tune in live, or request the recording.

Hudl Academy

This is the number one resource for mastering Hudl’s tools at your own pace. These digital courses are full of videos and tips to get you to the top of the class.