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Getting Started with InStat

Instat is now officially a part of the Hudl Pro Suite. It is the ultimate tool for coaches and recruiters looking to gain a competitive edge in professional basketball and ice hockey.

Our Getting Started series will teach you the basics of the platform and how to integrate its powerful set of data and analysis into your existing workflows.


  • Instat’s Comprehensive Video Library:
  • Advanced Data Customized for Your Sport
  • League-wide Exchange Solution
  • Multi-Game Analysis Tools

Join us for a live session, or gain on-demand access by filling out the form →

Note: the class will be available on demand after the first live session.

Instat has everything you need to take your game to the next level. We look forward to seeing you.

Getting Started with Instat • Live Classes

Learn the basics of the Instat platform for either basketball or hockey. Select the webinar that best fits your sport and schedule.