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Club Soccer

Gain on-demand access to all the classes listed below to help get your team prepared for the Club Soccer season. Fill out this form to receive an email with a link to the recordings →

On-Demand Classes

  • Getting Started with Hudl (8 mins)
  • Prep for Season (11 mins)
  • Manage Your Library (12 mins)
  • Hudl Assist: Soccer (14 mins)
  • An Athlete's Guide to Hudl (13 mins)
  • Get Athletes Recruited (6 mins)
  • A Coach's Guide to Creating Highlights (13 mins)

Additional Live Classes

Looking to attend additional online classes for Club Soccer? Check out the links below to get registered for an upcoming live class.

Hudl for Filmers • Live Classes

Filming your games is the most crucial aspect of Hudl. Let's take a look at what your team filmer needs to know when it comes to getting video online and submitted to Hudl Assist for breakdown.