Three Strategies to Get More Value from Hudl Assist, with or without Games

Your bas­ket­ball sea­son is about more than just live games. Use Hudl Assist to devel­op your play­ers, help them get recruit­ed and scout opponents.

Three Strategies to Get More Value from Hudl Assist, with or with­out Games

Your bas­ket­ball sea­son is about more than just live games. Use Hudl Assist to devel­op your play­ers, help them get recruit­ed and scout opponents.

Good data is like a smooth jump shot — the more you use it, the dead­lier it gets.

Coaches around the coun­try shared with us how they’re using Hudl Assist to man­age their time effi­cient­ly in the ear­ly stages of the bas­ket­ball sea­son. Assist pro­vides a base­line to build team cul­ture, imple­ment offen­sive and defen­sive prin­ci­ples, and dri­ve play­er development. 

Whether you’re tak­ing the court or coach­ing remote­ly, mak­ing the most of the ear­ly sea­son is crit­i­cal for long-term suc­cess. (Want ideas for using video and data remote­ly? Be sure to check out our Remote Coaching Guide.)

These Hudl Assist strate­gies will make it eas­i­er to man­age the first few weeks of the sea­son. Use them to help play­ers make the jump from gym rats to film junkies. Your team will be ready for anything.

Tee Up the Recruiting Proces

Now more than ever, high-qual­i­ty video and full game stats are essen­tial for coach­es and ath­letes to con­nect with recruiters.

Travel restric­tions and phys­i­cal dis­tanc­ing guide­lines are going to make in-per­son recruit­ing trips very unlike­ly. So recruiters will be depend­ing on stats from Assist, high­light reels and game film to iden­ti­fy tal­ent and recruit players.

Noble & Greenough (Mass.) girls’ bas­ket­ball coach and ath­let­ic direc­tor Alex Gallagher is using Hudl Focus and Assist to help his play­ers get noticed and hold the atten­tion of col­lege coaches.

Athletes can quick­ly pin­point their top moments in Hudl by apply­ing fil­ters in the video play­er, or by click­ing their per­son­al stats in the reports tab. Stats are essen­tial­ly high­light-ready clips pre­pared in just a sin­gle click.

Analyze Team Showcases

You already know scrim­mages and show­cas­es are a great way to get your play­ers game-ready. They’re also a great way to put Assist to work.

Any video that fol­lows nor­mal bas­ket­ball rules can be ana­lyzed. Scrimmages must be five-on-five and include a tipoff, jer­seys num­bers, a half­time, free throws on shoot­ing fouls, etc. Gameplay must fol­low stan­dard bas­ket­ball flow — don’t stop the action to re-run a play or sub in JV players.

Be sure to add the show­case to your sched­ule in Hudl and update your ros­ter to include any ath­lete that participates.

Then sub­mit to Assist. Once your break­down is com­plete, apply the data to uncov­er insights about your team: Which line­up had the fewest turnovers? Which play­er had the high­est VPS? Which team con­trolled the boards?

Take what you learn and apply it to your game plan. Tweak your line­ups or sets to stay one step ahead.

Plus, you can livestream these show­cas­es to engage par­ents and fans in lieu of games. Create buzz before your sea­son even starts.

Study Games From Past Seasons

Historical data is the quick­est and eas­i­est way to get a leg up on your oppo­nents. While the per­son­nel may change year after year, a coach’s sys­tem and play­book are most­ly consistent. 

Assist tracks every offen­sive and defen­sive pos­ses­sion so you can ana­lyze each trip down the floor to deci­pher an oppo­nents’ play­book and sets.

Analyze old game film on divi­sion or con­fer­ence oppo­nents with Assist data to cre­ate a rich scout­ing report. Then look at stats like points-per-pos­ses­sion or SLOB/BLOB % to ana­lyze pace and execution.

Having 4 – 6 break­downs on an oppo­nent also helps elim­i­nate off games that offer bad data. You know how it goes: some­times you’re on fire, and oth­er nights you can’t buy a buck­et. Having mul­ti­ple scout films bro­ken down gives a more accu­rate picture.

Use the exchange fea­ture to trade film with oth­er schools to stay sharp and study up. You can sub­mit up to three games per day, so don’t hold back. 

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Not using Assist yet? Now that you know why video and stats are two of the most impor­tant weapons in a coach’s arse­nal, see what Hudl Assist can do for you.