With the release of Hudl Assist, we sought out the feedback of our early adopters. The over­whelm­ing consensus? This tool is a game-changer for the sport. 

Hudl Assist is changing the landscape of the beautiful game as it relates to analysis. We’re bringing elite-level analysis down to the grassroots level, giving you access to game-changing insight that was previously reserved for teams only at the professional level.

We extended an invite to select programs across the country this past fall, asking them to test out the new digs. All we requested was that they provide honest feedback about the product, which we assured would remain anonymous. 

We found a central theme among the many superlatives used to describe Hudl Assist. This tool meets a real need for coaches who want access to data and video like never before. “It has been a great tool,” one coach said. “I love the product, and how your company continues to look for ways to improve. I think that this a great addition to Hudl.”

The tangible benefits are countless, but let’s start with the time it saves. Think of all the hours you spend breaking down games -  that’s all thrown out with Assist. It’s as simple as uploading and submitting your game to our analysts. “The data provided has been perfect,” said one coach. “Being able to not spend hours tagging the film and breaking it down has been a life-saver.”

Although the interface is not much different than the existing platform, the simplicity of the overall experience and the seamless integration of data into the viewing experience captivated a few of our coaches. “I was thankful that the tagging showed the build up to the tagged item,” said one coach. “That gave the coaching staff a better idea of what caused the results. It’s what I wanted.”

“I appreciated how quickly the game was broken down and that I could simply click on the areas I wanted to review (corners, goals, etc...) and watch all those tagged items at once,” added another coach.

What we found the most interesting was the way coaches were implementing these new tools into video review sessions from the get-go. The time saved is obviously most beneficial in those critical moments with their squads. “I like having it broken down to where I can see their shots. We’ll have a session with positions, and I can pull the clips up quickly,” said one coach.

“I think that this a great addition to Hudl. It has been a great tool. I love the product and how your company continues to look for ways to improve. Thank you for your help this season!”

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