Dismantling opponent after opponent with their blend of power, finesse and tactical nuance, Carlo Ancelotti’s Real Madrid have been an immense force to be reckoned with.

Having comfortably triumphed in La Liga and confirmed their spot in the Champions League final, Los Blancos have been nothing short of exceptional, blending style and substance outstandingly.

"Carlo shows calmness and has experience. He's like a fatherly figure, which is one of his strong points," insisted now former Bayern Munich manager Thomas Tuchel ahead of his team's recent Champions League semi-final versus Madrid.

"Experience also helps with coaches. He's also a legend. What he did for football as a player and also as a coach is top-level. He's exceptional, and he deserves to be in this phase of the Champions League and so high in LaLiga." Thomas Tuchel

Devising a proven formula for success, the experienced Ancelotti deserves tremendous credit for continuing to get the best out of the sensational players at his disposal - which is easier said than done - and owes much to his legendary man-management skills.

Doing a fine job of ensuring his team control matches both in and out of possession, while still masterminding results despite his side not always playing at their best, the Italian has expertly given his stars the framework and freedom to thrive.

Typically setting his team up in fluid 4-3-3/4-1-2-1-2 or 4-4-2 diamond like shapes, they've proved a tough team to contain due to their flexible structure, smart spatial occupation and how shrewdly the players coalesce.

Real Madrid's average positions vs. Bayern Munich - Wyscout Match Report
Real Madrid's average positions vs. Girona - Wyscout Match Report

To start with the masterful Toni Kroos, who has been phenomenal at dictating proceedings, sets the tempo and gives Madrid crucial control from his deep lying playmaker post. Press resistance, so calm under duress, and with a pass to match any situation, the German has been brilliant at ensuring Los Merengues clinically beat the first line of pressure.

His extraordinary range of passing has almost been like a cheat code. His ability to hit raking switches of play to isolate the likes of Vinicius Junior and Rodrygo, plus how he can find teammates between the lines, launch precise through balls in behind, engage in crisp interplay in close and smartly recycle possession if the more expansive option isn't viable, has been an enormous upside.

Toni Kroos passing and ball progression - Wyscout Player Report

The role of the goalkeeper, splitting central defenders, wide and often deep full-backs and variable positioning of midfielders such as Aurelien Tchouameni, Federico Valverde, Jude Bellingham, Luka Modric, Eduardo Camavinga and Brahim Diaz, then ensures options are aplenty for the ball holder.

Elite at altering reference points and never letting foes settle into a rhythm of how best to stop them, opponents are regularly destabilised and caught in two minds due to their flexible and unpredictable movement.

Seeing as the troublesome trio of Vinicius, Rodrygo and Bellingham are given plenty of freedom to interchange, be positioned within close proximity to combine, and form tight triangles out wide and infield, defenders are constantly in dilemmas as to who they should mark and in what area.

Vinicius, Rodrygo and Bellingham close interplay displayed in Real Madrid's pass network vs. Manchester City

Dovetailing superbly to gain separation and generate numerical and positional superiorities, they have been crucial in breathing life into Los Blancos' attacks.

Successful final third dribbles from Real Madrid's last 5 games - Wyscout Team Report

The way they perform opposite movements, where one drops and the other runs in behind, and strategically pin and draw markers to create room between the lines or open gaps to maraud in behind, duly adds to their menace.

La Liga team goalscoring charts - Wyscout Rankings

How the full-backs like Dani Carvajal and Ferland Mendy hurt opponents both when interchanging infield to serve as ideal build-up outlets or underlap into newly vacated spaces, plus charge ahead on the overlap, has seen them be key weapons.

The role of the central midfielders has been vital to provide balance and allow the attackers and full-backs the freedom to attack with gusto, for their withdrawn positioning in the deep, wider half spaces has given desired structural security in case of a turnover.

Real Madrid ball losses are consistently less across the pitch than the rest of La Liga

Constructing a side that is extremely accomplished in possession and who are astute in slower, more methodical build-up, while also being equally damaging at stretching backlines horizontally and vertically, Ancelotti's multifaceted outfit have been a real offensive juggernaut.

While they relentlessly vary their structure to keep asking questions when in stable possession, their threat in transition amplifies their nuisance, with Vinicius and Rodrygo wizards at exploiting vacant spaces on the counter when running at retreating, backpedalling defences.

Real Madrid shot map from last 5 games - Wyscout Team Report

Looking deeper into the numbers, the statistics below depict what a tremendously dangerous proposition they are going forward.

Meanwhile, on the defensive end, Madrid mix active and passive defending shrewdly, as they choose their moments when to press high or drop back into a deeper mid or low block. Ranking 12th for PPDA and 18th for challenge intensity, this highlights how content they are sitting off opponents before striking swiftly on the break.

Excelling at protecting the centre by ushering opponents towards the touchline and knowing when to shift across, drop back or step up, the players have fulfilled their roles and responsibilities coherently.

Compact, disciplined, full of quality individuals and proving to be a huge challenge to unlock, the fact they've only conceded 26 goals (the best in the league) in their 37 La Liga matches, have allowed only 8.56 shots p90, and kept the most clean sheets ever (20) in a La Liga season aptly illustrates their incredible stopping prowess. "This is a big part of the team's success. If you can convince the players with more quality to work when they don't have the ball, it's a very important aspect," Ancelotti told the Real Madrid website.

La Liga goals conceded table - Wyscout Rankings

As seen in the Champions League particularly this campaign, that organised deeper setup has given them the platform to draw opponents onto them, before then springing forward to embark on direct, calculated counter attacks. Knowing they have the assets to destroy opponents with their speed and skill on the break, this serves as a testament to how the Italian smartly maximises the strength of his players depending on the opponent and game state through his structure. 

Experienced, commanding the respect of the dressing room, enjoying a strong connection with the players and an authoritative presence, the job Ancelotti's doing has been absolutely magnificent on many levels.

Knowing what it takes to win, how to motivate his star-studded players and uniting the squad to ensure they are a major force - individually and collectively - the genial Italian deserves so much credit.

The squad is extremely talented, with very young players and a great deal of quality. This club can mark an era in the future considering the value of the young players we have at the moment. It's been my best season as a coach. The team did fantastically well in the league, we won it deservedly and without a shadow of a doubt Carlo Ancelotti - Manager, Real Madrid

"Everyone was waiting for the slip-up, but it didn't come. We're happy and on cloud nine. But we have to keep going because we haven't played the most important match yet. The squad is motivated, focused and we're in a good shape. It's important to rest this week and prepare well for the Champions League final. We'll work more on the physical level next week and the following week we'll lower the workload and focus on the tactical level. It's important this week to focus on rest,” Ancelotti explained.

Manufacturing the perfect system to power his team to glory, all that's left for Ancelotti, who has amazingly won four European Cups and a league title in each of Europe's top five leagues, is to cap off the season in fitting fashion by defeating Borussia Dortmund in the final.

With the odds well and truly in their favour on the grandest stage to secure their 15th Champions League crown, all eyes will now turn to Wembley on June 1st in what looms as a captivating showpiece.

Having not lost a Champions League final since 1981, it'd certainly take a brave person to go against Real Madrid reigning supreme to close out what's been an electrifying season in style

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