Here’s how to stay up to date with the ever-changing coaching landscape.

The offseason has officially arrived. The start of the season is still months away, spring workouts have concluded and your players are on summer break. Time to kick back and relax, right?

NOPE. Sure, a little rest and relaxation never hurt and it’s good to get some time to unwind and reconnect with the family. But the best coaches don’t disengage during the summer. They use it as an opportunity to learn more, improve and adapt so that when fall rolls around, it’s not like a bear stumbling out of hibernation. They’re ready to hit the ground running. Here are some easy ways to stay up to date on what’s trending in the football world.

Check out

Few coaching websites can boast the vast audience of, a hub for coaching discussion since its inception in 2005. More than 43,000 users gather to discuss coaching trends, offseason workouts, how to administer discipline, equipment recommendations and much more.

CoachHuey is the perfect resource for high school coaches to keep their pulse on what’s going on not only in their district or state, but around the country. It supplies new plays and formations to implement and connects coaches from all across the nation.

It’s great for off-the-wall ideas as well. An assistant at Plaquemine High School (La.), Matthew Zito was perusing the boards last year when he saw some coaches discussing a Hudl class. He proposed it to his school board and brought it to life a few months later.

Get Involved on Social Media

Another way to keep up with conversation among coaches is through national Twitter chats. There are several chats every week that connect ideas from coaches all across the country, allowing them to share ideas and advice.

The #TXHSFBChat isn’t just for Texas coaches. While it may have begun as a regional conversation, it’s expanded and now reaches thousands of coaches each Wednesday night. The topics range from formations and play calls to interesting stats to using social media to your advantage.

The #Hogfbchat is another strong option, particularly those coaches interested in improving offensive line play. It’s important to keep an eye out for chats that pop up but aren’t necessarily recurring, such as the #FBTechTuesday hashtag from earlier this offseason.

By participating in these chats, you’ll not only be exposed to valuable insights from people you’d otherwise never connect with, but you’ll also find some coaches you respect and follow them. Coaches such as Chris Fore, Ryan McDonald and Slade Singleton have gained strong followings by consistently providing valuable insights in chats. And of course, don’t forget to follow @HudlUSFootball.

Get Plugged in with Hudl Radio

You may have noticed several Hudl Radio episodes sprinkled throughout this blog. We talk with top high school coaches, innovators and thought leaders to glean insights you can incorporate to your team.

Topics range from:

  • Career development

  • Creating a winning culture in your program

  • Using drones in practice

  • Sports analytics

  • And much more.

Hudl Radio can be assessed on either SoundCloud or iTunes

The offseason is a great time to recharge the batteries, but don't take too much time off. By implementing a few of these ideas into your daily schedule, you'll stay up to date and be prepared once the season arrives.