No Off Days: How to Keep up with Coaching Trends this Summer

Here’s how to stay up to date with the ever-chang­ing coach­ing landscape.

No Off Days: How to Keep up with Coaching Trends this Summer

Here’s how to stay up to date with the ever-chang­ing coach­ing landscape.

The off­sea­son has offi­cial­ly arrived. The start of the sea­son is still months away, spring work­outs have con­clud­ed and your play­ers are on sum­mer break. Time to kick back and relax, right?

NOPE. Sure, a lit­tle rest and relax­ation nev­er hurt and it’s good to get some time to unwind and recon­nect with the fam­i­ly. But the best coach­es don’t dis­en­gage dur­ing the sum­mer. They use it as an oppor­tu­ni­ty to learn more, improve and adapt so that when fall rolls around, it’s not like a bear stum­bling out of hiber­na­tion. They’re ready to hit the ground run­ning. Here are some easy ways to stay up to date on what’s trend­ing in the foot­ball world.

Check out CoachHuey​.com

Few coach­ing web­sites can boast the vast audi­ence of CoachHuey​.com, a hub for coach­ing dis­cus­sion since its incep­tion in 2005. More than 43,000 users gath­er to dis­cuss coach­ing trends, off­sea­son work­outs, how to admin­is­ter dis­ci­pline, equip­ment rec­om­men­da­tions and much more.

CoachHuey is the per­fect resource for high school coach­es to keep their pulse on what’s going on not only in their dis­trict or state, but around the coun­try. It sup­plies new plays and for­ma­tions to imple­ment and con­nects coach­es from all across the nation.

It’s great for off-the-wall ideas as well. An assis­tant at Plaquemine High School (La.), Matthew Zito was perus­ing the boards last year when he saw some coach­es dis­cussing a Hudl class. He pro­posed it to his school board and brought it to life a few months later.

Get Involved on Social Media

Another way to keep up with con­ver­sa­tion among coach­es is through nation­al Twitter chats. There are sev­er­al chats every week that con­nect ideas from coach­es all across the coun­try, allow­ing them to share ideas and advice.

The #TXHSFBChat isn’t just for Texas coach­es. While it may have begun as a region­al con­ver­sa­tion, it’s expand­ed and now reach­es thou­sands of coach­es each Wednesday night. The top­ics range from for­ma­tions and play calls to inter­est­ing stats to using social media to your advantage.

The #Hogfbchat is anoth­er strong option, par­tic­u­lar­ly those coach­es inter­est­ed in improv­ing offen­sive line play. It’s impor­tant to keep an eye out for chats that pop up but aren’t nec­es­sar­i­ly recur­ring, such as the #FBTechTuesday hash­tag from ear­li­er this offseason.

By par­tic­i­pat­ing in these chats, you’ll not only be exposed to valu­able insights from peo­ple you’d oth­er­wise nev­er con­nect with, but you’ll also find some coach­es you respect and fol­low them. Coaches such as Chris Fore, Ryan McDonald and Slade Singleton have gained strong fol­low­ings by con­sis­tent­ly pro­vid­ing valu­able insights in chats. And of course, don’t for­get to fol­low @HudlUSFootball.

Get Plugged in with Hudl Radio

You may have noticed sev­er­al Hudl Radio episodes sprin­kled through­out this blog. We talk with top high school coach­es, inno­va­tors and thought lead­ers to glean insights you can incor­po­rate to your team.

Topics range from: 

  • Career devel­op­ment

  • Creating a win­ning cul­ture in your program

  • Using drones in practice

  • Sports ana­lyt­ics

  • And much more.

Hudl Radio can be assessed on either SoundCloud or iTunes

The off­sea­son is a great time to recharge the bat­ter­ies, but don’t take too much time off. By imple­ment­ing a few of these ideas into your dai­ly sched­ule, you’ll stay up to date and be pre­pared once the sea­son arrives.