The partnership provides soccer clubs with discounted access to a rich digital soccer session planning, team management and coaching development platform from Coachbetter.

LINCOLN, NE (June 3, 2022) - Hudl and Coachbetter are partnering to equip soccer clubs with the top end-to-end video analysis platform in sports and a robust collection of training and team education resources.

Hudl is the global leader in analysis, with video and data tools, as well as automatic capture solutions through its suite of Focus cameras. Hudl works with soccer clubs, leagues and organizations the world over.

Coachbetter helps coaches, clubs and federations all over the world align, communicate and collaborate. The fast-growing, Swiss SportTech Startup offers tools for everyone in global soccer. Users have access to a rich digital library of drills and training curriculum to better plan and execute development plans with proven techniques from every level of soccer. The world’s biggest names in soccer like Borussia Dortmund already use Coachbetter for player and coaches’ education throughout their international academies.

“Our vision for the game is very similar to Hudl’s, which is why this partnership makes sense,” said Patrick Patzig, Founder and CEO of Coachbetter. “Our affordable, easy-to-use solutions enable leagues, coaches and players to more effectively train and develop skills. Hudl helps them capture and analyze performance with their tools. It’s all geared toward optimal performance.”

Together, Hudl and Coachbetter continue to power soccer clubs through video capture, analysis and world-class educational content designed to help clubs, coaches and athletes to excel on the pitch.

“At Hudl, we want every athlete to get the shot they deserve and for each team to never miss a moment. This partnership empowers Hudl customers to tap into the greater soccer education collection for drills and exercises that will prime development and impact performance,” said Senior Vice President and General Manager at Hudl Greg Nelson. “This partnership is a great way to deliver more value for the Hudl soccer community, bringing together resources for training and education that complement our suite of analysis solutions.”

About Coachbetter:

Coachbetter is the only fully digital and integrated soccer coaching platform and app for associations, clubs and coaches from grassroots to professional level. They supply users with digital organization and communication tools, like personal coaching dashboards and integrated apps to help players learn and grow. Solutions offer complete training sessions and individual activities composed by coaching experts, a team management and data section as well as a high-quality knowledge pool. Users can also draw their own sessions and drills and upload them to the platform. Learn more about packages and pricing at

About Hudl:

As a global leader in performance analysis technology, Hudl helps more than 200K sports teams—from grassroots to the pros—prepare for and stay ahead of the competition. A complete suite of video and data products ensures coaches have the insights they need and athletes get the shot they deserve. 6M users across 40+ sports use Hudl's best-in-class software, hardware and services, including online coaching tools, mobile and desktop apps, smart cameras, analytics, professional consultation and more. Learn more at