How to Navigate Your Video Needs on a Tight Travel Schedule

How to Navigate Your Video Needs on a Tight Travel Schedule

In the American Hockey League, trav­el sched­ules can be demand­ing. Learn how Alec Rippetoe of the Charlotte Checkers uses video analy­sis tools to get his staff every­thing they need dur­ing to stream­line work­flows dur­ing a three game, three city road trip.

As man­ag­er of the team ser­vices and video coor­di­na­tor for the Checkers, pre­vi­ous­ly serv­ing for the Springfield Thunderbirds before the Panthers switched their AHL affil­i­ate to Charlotte this year, one of Alec Rippetoe’s great­est work­place chal­lenges is to bal­ance mul­ti­ple tasks at the same time while also main­tain­ing a high-qual­i­ty of analy­sis work dur­ing hec­tic trav­el and match schedules.

In the AHL, 3-in-3’s’ refers to a sched­ule of three games on three con­sec­u­tive nights, includ­ing trav­el to dif­fer­ent cities on some occa­sions. These can be a daunt­ing task for play­ers, who take the phys­i­cal strain out on the ice, but also on the staff side, where coach­ing and analy­sis work needs to be com­plet­ed on a very quick turn­around between games.

Hours of video, brows­ing over data and ana­lyt­ics that might be rel­e­vant, and com­ing up with a game plan are all part of a typ­i­cal work week lead­ing up to these games,” said Rippetoe. 

Typically, I will break­down the oppo­nents’ three pre­vi­ous games for our coach­ing staff and pro­vide that to our coach­es as soon as I have com­plet­ed break­ing them down. Along with these video prescouts, I will pro­vide the coach­es with some sta­tis­ti­cal reports and ten­den­cies about the oppo­si­tion, orga­ni­za­tion­al updates such as line­ups and injuries. Furthermore, I will also pro­vide some video clips to our play­ers that they might find use­ful such as face-offs, pow­er plays/​penalty kills, or sta­tis­ti­cal references.”

The Panthers AHL affiliate in action during the 2019 season.

For Rippetoe and the coach­ing staff, one of the keys to pro­vid­ing accu­rate analy­sis in a fast-paced envi­ron­ment is to uti­lize analy­sis software.

It’s impor­tant in a quick turn­around to present game analy­sis to the staff with sta­tis­ti­cal reports and oppo­si­tion ten­den­cy reports rather than just basic clips being deliv­ered. That way, coach­es can waste no time devel­op­ing the strat­e­gy they need to be made pos­si­ble by the Sportscode matrix, out­put win­dows, and playlist tools.

Hours of video, brows­ing over data and ana­lyt­ics that might be rel­e­vant, and com­ing up with a game plan are all part of a typ­i­cal work week lead­ing up to these games”. Alec Rippetoe - Manager of Team Services, Charlotte Checkers

Using Hudl Sportscode and Hudl has been cru­cial to mak­ing my job as easy as pos­si­ble with the vari­ety of ways to pro­vide what­ev­er infor­ma­tion is need­ed for our play­ers,” said Rippetoe. Whether it’s video, stats, or mes­sag­ing our play­ers with updates for our trav­el and meet­ing times, I am able to uti­lize the Hudl app to com­plete all of these tasks. With the ease of this process, it is as easy as upload­ing con­tent and shar­ing with all of our play­ers and staff.”

The Hudl Sportscode timeline that Rippetoe uses to code live events and export clips for analysis.
An example of the Hudl Sportscode Matrix from a movie package coded in-game by Alec Rippetoe.

Once game­day comes, Hudl Sportscode makes orga­ni­za­tion very sim­ple through the sort­ing tool, which allows clipped instances to be trans­ferred from the matrix to a curat­ed playlist for coach­es to view.

We typ­i­cal­ly will run all of our game­day meet­ings through our sorters that we will build through­out the week,” said Rippetoe. After morn­ing skate, we final­ize all of our meet­ings for the game that night. Whether it be a spe­cial teams meet­ing, or full team meet­ing, hav­ing these sorters set­up and ready to go is always key. Each coach usu­al­ly likes to make their own clips for the fol­low­ing morn­ing, and we will expand on it and build our meet­ings once we come back into the rink. I also upload the game footage for all of our play­ers on the Hudl online plat­form so they will have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to access their shifts or any game footage they want.”

The Sorter tool allows for clips to organized effectively for presentation to coaches and players. A key tool for the team while traveling on the road.

With three games in three days pre­sent­ing a major logis­ti­cal chal­lenge for many ana­lysts across any sport, using video tools has made Rippetoe’s job much eas­i­er, espe­cial­ly in terms of time saved.

During a 3-in-3, time is of the essence and with the video tools we have, it makes it a lot eas­i­er to get the job done,” said Rippetoe. Things hap­pen quick, but with a game in each of the fol­low­ing two days, the process stays the same. With the use of Hudl Sportscode, it cre­ates an easy process that allows flu­id­i­ty through our entire coach­ing staff and allows us to cre­ate what­ev­er means are nec­es­sary to win the games ahead of us.”

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