Kings Lacrosse Director of Operations Ryan Murphy is joined by members of the Hudl team to discuss how the Massachusetts based program is adapting to COVID, getting athletes recruited, and coaching remotely with video.

2:40 — How Kings Lacrosse uses video?

Hudl helps the club with storing tournament games, creating highlight reels for recruiting, and coach breakdowns. Additionally, they use reels on social media to promote their club and the players that are performing well.

With the shortened and possibly canceled lacrosse season, having video from previous tournaments is vital for players to get noticed by colleges and learn from film.

6:53 — Coaching remotely with video.

Kings coaches are using video to targets skills and strategy, layer on their analysis, and engage players. They show how to watch video so players get the most out of the tools.

8:53 — Best practices for getting video and stats.

It’s tough to rely on outside companies or filmers to get high-quality film. How does the Kings Lacrosse program get high-quality film and stats?

14:30 — The role Hudl plays in recruiting.

Hudl makes it “wicked easy” to create highlights, even for those who aren’t tech-savvy. Kings require players to have a profile for highlights and open opportunities at the next level.

18:00 — Highlights for non-offensive players.

Showcase all your skills, not just the obvious things. Recruiters want well-rounded talent.

20:08 — Dealing with the COVID crises.

A recruiting series with college coaches, focusing on academics, and positional zoom trainings were all part of the plan for dealing with the pandemic. Executing a strong plan to keep players engaged was vital for the Kings program.

25:55 — Tips for adding parents to the Hudl account.

Depending on the parents’ activity type (uploading video, making highlights, etc.) picking the right role is important. Here’s Hudl’s advice for getting parents involved.

28:37 — Creative use of video for recruiting.

As a club coach and college coach, Ryan Murphy has identified surefire ways to stand out and get noticed.