Our guest on Episode #36 of the TGG Podcast was Francis Cagigao, the Director of Football for Chile.

Francis spoke about his current role and his 24 years with Arsenal, where he was Head of International Scouting.

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0:37: How job with Chile came about/ 12 intense months to start.

5:04: StatDNA at Arsenal and use of data in football.

9:44: Ben Brereton Diaz - how he came to play for Chile and why he's become such an important player.

14:29: Why he left Arsenal after 24 years. "There was not a good feeling between myself and some people at the hierarchy."

18:29: Background/ career as a player and coach.

24:52: How he came to scout for Arsenal/ working with Arsene Wenger.

28:07: Discovering Cesc Fabregas.

35:51: How to scout character.

40:22: Why South America is the Continent with the most talent.

42:40: Ambitions for the future.