Fenerbahçe Beko Adopt Hudl Sportscode to Maximise Performance Analysis

Fenerbahçe Beko Adopt Hudl Sportscode to Maximise Performance Analysis

Turkish Super League bas­ket­ball pow­er­house Fenerbahçe Beko are now look­ing for the com­pet­i­tive advan­tage which will take them to the next lev­el in both domes­tic and wider European competitions. 

When speak­ing to Fenerbahçe Beko assis­tant coach Erdem Can, he was clear in the motives of his team — our orga­ni­za­tion wants to be the best”. Success has nev­er been a prob­lem for Fenerbahçe, who have nine nation­al cham­pi­onships and one EuroLeague title in the last decade, the chal­lenge is now to opti­mize play­er and team per­for­mance and plan for the future.

If you have a big man, you need to show him his foot­work or his defen­sive mis­takes, or if you’re talk­ing to your guard you need to show him how to use the shot clock defen­sive­ly like his body posi­tion­ing, angles or again, foot­work,” said Can. There are three things that are vital in the game of bas­ket­ball: one is spac­ing, sec­ond is tim­ing, the third is exe­cu­tion and if you don’t make your play­ers digest these details, you can­not improve. So what we try to do is basi­cal­ly try to teach all our play­ers visu­al­ly to mas­ter these fundamentals.”

Fenerbahçe head coach Igor Kokoskov and his coaching staff will utilize Hudl Sportscode to tackle their next campaign and beyond.

Strong team per­for­mances begin out on the train­ing court and tech­nol­o­gy is key for Fenerbahçe as they work through a demand­ing domes­tic and con­ti­nen­tal season.

There’s mil­lions of details that you need to show the play­ers to improve their flaws,” said Can. One of the basic prin­ci­ples is game time reac­tions. We record some of our prac­tices and scrim­mages to break down and show our play­ers, because show­ing things such as accu­rate floor spac­ing is real­ly impor­tant in bas­ket­ball games. Technology is one of the most impor­tant parts right now to pre­pare our play­ers, judge their indi­vid­ual effec­tive­ness, and cru­cial­ly to pro­vide visu­al mem­o­ry, there are the most impor­tant assets.”

Coach Can see’s how feed­back plays such a crit­i­cal role in coach­ing and per­for­mance and how tech­nol­o­gy can help engage his play­ers through video analy­sis and objec­tive sta­tis­ti­cal analy­sis using data. Hudl Sportscode is the soft­ware that Fenerbahçe Beko have recent­ly added to their pro­gram and it is already hav­ing a strong effect on gen­er­at­ing quick and accu­rate sta­tis­ti­cal insights.

Sportscode gives us the lux­u­ry of ana­lyz­ing oppo­nent teams and gen­er­at­ing sta­tis­tics that we can use and make our play­ers digest,” said Can. From there, we can cre­ate our own strat­e­gy plus make our play­ers watch them­selves and give them a library of clips to study around their indi­vid­ual per­for­mance — this is pre­cious. Sportscode is help­ing us a lot because tech­nol­o­gy is one thing, but there’s also being prac­ti­cal, which means we must be as quick as pos­si­ble in our analy­sis. With the tech­nol­o­gy, every­thing is right at our hands and reach­able, be it reports or libraries of clips.”

The Fenerbahçe coaching team are excited to implement Hudl Sportcode into their live game analysis on match day.

The club has plans to extend the use of analy­sis soft­ware to oper­ate beyond train­ing envi­ron­ments and into live match sce­nar­ios — a key func­tion­al­i­ty of Sportscode. 

Eventually we will use it for all these parts like match­es for sure,” said Can. We will use it to pre­pare game reports and also the abil­i­ty to live edit dur­ing games is real­ly impor­tant. One of our two video coach­es will make the live cuts dur­ing the game and pro­vide half time analy­sis to the play­ers. Players need to under­stand visu­al­ly, it’s very dif­fi­cult to con­vince oth­er­wise if you com­pare with say, ver­bal terms. You need to give them some­thing visu­al that they need to see and the quick­er you make this you get a quick­er reac­tion and bet­ter reac­tion. It’s price­less again for us, and Sportscode is mak­ing this.”

Installing a whole new set of analy­sis soft­ware into a club can seem daunt­ing, espe­cial­ly in a club the size of Fenerbahçe, but Can and his staff found both the instal­la­tion and onboard­ing edu­ca­tion process rel­a­tive­ly easy. 

To be hon­est, in the begin­ning, it seems pret­ty com­plex,” said Can. It seems like a lot of but­tons to push and labels to add to the code win­dow, but once you get inside, you real­ize that this is real­ly effec­tive and easy. As an assis­tant coach right now I’m not cut­ting the games, but I talk with our video coach­es and they agree with me, this soft­ware is much eas­i­er to use than the oth­ers. The reac­tion time is fast and total­ly dif­fer­ent because we used to take more than an hour to pre­pare our game analy­sis — oppo­nent analy­sis even longer — but now dur­ing the game one of the video coach­es is watch­ing the game and at the same time cut­ting that and then it’s ready in a few minutes.”

Sportscode gives us the lux­u­ry of ana­lyz­ing oppo­nent teams and gen­er­at­ing sta­tis­tics that we can use and make our play­ers digest” - Erdem Can, Fenerbahçe Beko assistant coach.

It was also real­ly impor­tant for Hudl staff to be present and at hand dur­ing the onboard­ing process explained Coach Can. This was real­ly very impor­tant as we only have myself and two oth­ers remain­ing from the pre­vi­ous coach­ing regime — the rest of the staff are new mem­bers and some of them have no expe­ri­ence about video edit­ing and all of us had no idea about Sportscode. After two weeks of your sup­port we were well orga­nized and right now we can do all of it: pre­pare ses­sions and every­thing. So with­out your sup­port this was impos­si­ble and the sur­pris­ing thing is I didn’t expect that. That’s a quick adap­ta­tion from us, So the soft­ware is so prac­ti­cal, but also your sup­port was a real­ly impor­tant thing.”

Looking for­ward to their next cam­paign, Can and Fenerbahçe are excit­ed for what their new analy­sis offer­ing can bring to their already strong and suc­cess­ful club.

I always say the same thing: In order to be the best, you have to fol­low the best,” said Can. All but one of the NBA teams are using Sportscode for a rea­son and hav­ing this now is very log­i­cal. We’ve already been late to have Hudl Sportscode, but for me it’s the stan­dard, it’s need­ed. So at the end of the day we pick this, as the best part of the bas­ket­ball world is using this and we want to fol­low this.” 

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