Establishing a Video Analysis Culture with Your Club

Getting start­ed with video analy­sis is eas­i­er than you think. Find out how.

Establishing a Video Analysis Culture with Your Club

Getting start­ed with video analy­sis is eas­i­er than you think. Find out how.

We feel that if you don’t watch the game back in that cold view you may be build­ing your train­ing week on sand, because you may be build­ing it on some­thing that didn’t actu­al­ly hap­pen in the game.” Aaron Calvin - Performance Analyst, Nike Academy

That quote says it all. Video analy­sis is a non-biased look into actu­al events as they played out on the pitch – the cold hard facts if you will.

But the ques­tion for many is where do I start?

We sat down with ana­lysts and coach­es at every lev­el to hear how they’ve estab­lished a cul­ture of video analy­sis with­in their orga­ni­za­tions. Check their insights and get start­ed with your own club.

Find the Right Tools

We’re a video analy­sis com­pa­ny. So of course we’re going to say that our soft­ware has the tools you need, no mat­ter the lev­el of analy­sis you’re try­ing to imple­ment. But it’s not just about find­ing a solu­tion to fit your bud­get. There are oth­er cri­te­ria to consider. 

Start by find­ing a film­ing solu­tion that you can imple­ment with­in your club’s struc­ture. That means find­ing the prop­er equip­ment and some­one to help film. Look into hir­ing out those respon­si­bil­i­ties to local media com­pa­nies, or put a plug in at a local col­lege or uni­ver­si­ty to find aspir­ing per­for­mance ana­lysts. (The lat­ter is our favorite option.)

Once you have a few indi­vid­u­als on board, famil­iar­ize them with the tools they’ll be using. 

We also offer free online train­ing for any­one look­ing to under­stand our tools.

Now you’re ready to execute. 

Individual Analysis Session at Portsmouth FC

Introduce Video to Your Squad

Set the expec­ta­tion with your entire squad that you are imple­ment­ing video analy­sis. Have a brief meet­ing to talk through why you’re using it and what specif­i­cal­ly you’re hop­ing to gain from it. 

From there, it’s vital that you take the time to show your ath­letes how to crit­i­cal­ly analyse match­es. They’re not coach­es. They’re play­ers. And their own inter­nal thought process is around what they think is right,” said John Goodman, man­ag­er at the Nike Academy. Yet, we do want to give them some free­dom to eval­u­ate their per­for­mances, but that’s why we’ll sit down with them and steer them and say, This is what we’re try­ing to do.’” 

For a lot of play­ers, analy­sis is a new con­cept. Some have nev­er re-watched a full match with the intent to analyse their own per­for­mances, so they may not know what to look for. Encourage them to sit down with either a coach or an ana­lyst the first time – that sim­ple 30-minute indi­vid­ual ses­sion can go a long way. 

Be sure to fol­low up direct­ly with your play­ers after you’ve tak­en time to sit down and analyse per­for­mances. Split the squad into groups assigned to mem­bers of your staff, and send out indi­vid­ual mes­sages to gauge how they’re doing.

Build Analysis into Your Week

You have to make time for video analy­sis, and not just once a week when you can’t get to the pitch. Quick 15-minute ses­sions before train­ing can help ele­vate your team’s exe­cu­tion. We’ve learned that coach­es who meet pri­or to train­ing have greater suc­cess trans­lat­ing their ideas into action.

It gives you the oppor­tu­ni­ty to rein­force what you are try­ing to achieve on the train­ing ground. So if you’re work­ing all week on play­ing into the final third as ear­ly as pos­si­ble, being direct, and get­ting the ball up there and it’s not hap­pen­ing, you’re not see­ing it. Obviously [Hudl] is a mas­sive­ly help­ful tool.” Mike Harris, Portsmouth FC

From there, it’s vital that your play­ers are putting in the time on their own to watch and eval­u­ate their per­for­mances. From there, it’s all about account­abil­i­ty. We mon­i­tor it so we know who [has] logged on, we know how long they’ve been on for,” said Mike Harris of Portsmouth FC. From our point of view, it just gives us a real­ly good indi­ca­tion of who real­ly wants to be a pro­fes­sion­al foot­baller, and who is will­ing to put in the work to do that.”

Vary Your Delivery 

Engaging your play­ers means meet­ing them where they are most com­fort­able, and that means find­ing alter­nate meth­ods of pre­sen­ta­tion. Whether it’s in large group ses­sions with the whole squad or indi­vid­ual meet­ings with your play­ers, you should be able to quick­ly dis­cov­er which approach works best with your group. 

Try to vary the rou­tine. Alternate between coach-led and play­er-led review ses­sions to ensure your play­ers are com­mit­ted to review­ing your train­ing and match­es. This also holds play­ers account­able for improv­ing out­side of train­ing. A lit­tle home­work nev­er hurt anybody.

Team Analysis Session at Sparsholt College

Start Small

Focusing on video analy­sis with one team can ulti­mate­ly lead to greater suc­cess when you imple­ment it across the orga­ni­za­tion. This gives you and your staff an oppor­tu­ni­ty to find out what does or doesn’t work with your squads. You can hone in on specifics to sim­pli­fy your approach. 

But start­ing small goes beyond just exe­cut­ing analy­sis with one team. It’s also about hon­ing in on specifics for each age group, should you choose to imple­ment it holis­ti­cal­ly. Development and under­stand­ing varies with every age group, so it’s impor­tant to tai­lor your analy­sis to have the great­est pos­si­ble impact. 

You have to be real­ly clin­i­cal with the theme you’re try­ing to show when­ev­er you’re using video,” said Calvin. Because with too much noise, the boys just get con­fused, and they leave more con­fused than when they came into the ses­sion. So it’s real­ly impor­tant that you just [hone in] on one theme.”

What are my next steps?

If you think video analy­sis is the right fit for your club, start imple­ment­ing it. Survey your com­mu­ni­ty to find peo­ple who are pas­sion­ate about the game, edu­cate your squad on the impor­tance of video, and find ways to make it stick. 

Want to make Hudl part of that rou­tine? Check out our full suite of tools to find the solu­tion that fits your needs.