Coaches across the country are enjoying insightful breakdowns with less work because they let our analysts break down their games.

There is one common thread between coaches of all sports—there just isn’t enough time in the day. Between scouting opponents, evaluating your own team, setting up practices, game planning and so much more, coaches’ schedules are jam-packed.

Allow us to help. Hudl Assist is the ultimate time-saving solution. Available for football, basketball, soccer, volleyball and lacrosse, Assist has our analysts break down your games and supply you with the critical data you need to help your team improve. It takes busy work off your plate, allowing you to dive deeper into the video or get some well-deserved personal time.

No coach would turn down more information with less work, but don’t take it from us. We talked to coaches across sports to find the different benefits Assist provides them.

Save Yourself Some Time

Time is among the world’s most limited resources, but Assist gives some back. Within 24 hours Hudl drops a complete breakdown into your inbox, giving you all kinds of insights you might not have otherwise realized.

“Tagging games myself, literally I do not have time,” Michael Adams, the director of the Princeton Volleyball club (N.J.), said. “Running a volleyball club, coaching a team, if not multiple teams, and then having a full-time job on top of that, there’s no time. And having a wife and four kids, there’s only so much time in a day. Having someone else break that down has been fantastic for us. We’re able to take a look and see where we are and what’s going on.”

"It saves us hours on the weekend. It’s like having a graduate assistant, to be honest with you.” Jeffrey Vlk, head football coach at Buffalo Grove High School (Ill.)

We’ve heard dozens of horror stories from coaches about staying up until 2 or 3 a.m. to prepare for practice and/or video review with the team the next day. With Assist, those days are gone. Our analysts do the work for you so you can get a jump start on next week’s scout or catch up on some much-needed rest.

“I’m not sitting there for three or four hours dissecting the film and making comments,” Mike Taylor, the soccer coach at Saint Viator High School (Ill.), said. “With Assist, I can go straight to my goals, straight to a couple of positions that I want and put my comments in. I can go in and say, ‘Look what happened on this goal here. Let’s look at it.’

Dig Deeper into Actionable Data

The information in these reports can shine light on some previously-unnoticed insights. One basketball coach compared his data to what NBA teams receive, and a football coach discovered an opponent tendency that changed his play calls during the game.

“I think the use of data really helps us do that in giving our kids the best chance for success,” Keith Riggs, an assistant football coach at Jenks High School (Okla.), said. “Ultimately they have to execute when they’re on the field, but if we can keep them out of bad situations and put them in the best possible situation, that is to our advantage.”

And the data is incredibly easy to share. Simply clicking on a stat populates a playlist of all plays associated with that number, whether that’s your shooting guard’s 3-pointers from the left corner, your libero’s digs or every corner kick defended.

This makes the video incredibly easy to share with your athletes and fellow coaches. Throw in some notes and drawings, and the points you’re teaching really come to life.

“It’s great because the kids can click on it themselves and they can see themselves doing it or not doing it,” Aaron Neeser, the girls basketball coach at Park Hill High School (Mo.), said. “They would say, ‘I had five rebounds.’ And I’d say, ‘Uh, you only had two.’ And I could click on the two they had. It helped with recruiting, putting the videos together. For them to specifically see where they take their shots and where we want them to take their shots is great. The visual aspect is key. Kids today need to see themselves versus hear it. If they see it, it’s just really beneficial.”

Foster Individual and Team Development

With more time and statistics at your disposal, you can truly improve your team in meaningful ways that could change the season. Whether it’s breaking down your own team or exploiting holes in your opponent’s game plan, Assist could be the game changer you’ve been searching for.

“It’s just been such a blessing. We’ve always been looking for an edge,” Adam Tuttle, an assistant basketball coach at Angola High School (Ind.), said. “With high school basketball, you’re as good as your team can be skill-wise, but the studying the game and what people are trying to do and throw at you, that can make it a totally different game.”

“It allowed my coaches and myself to be on the same page. The process in which we got film and the turnaround time really, really helped us. The stats helped us shape what we wanted to practice and work on going into the next game.” Tray Meeks, Alemany High School (Calif.)

Don’t let the opposition get a leg up on you. See what the buzz is about and give Assist a shot yourself.