Women’s football is experiencing extraordinary growth in a relatively short space of time, with increased professionalism, quality and viewership. Leveraging data analytics is a vital part of this process, revolutionizing the ways teams strategize, train and compete. 

But there are still under-utilized areas, particularly around recruitment, where data-driven insights can be harnessed to take the women’s game to new heights.

BootUp Analytics is looking to address that gap in the market by pioneering data-driven recruitment and becoming the go-to source when it comes to women’s football scouting.

Hudl Senior Account Executive Verity Turner sat down with BootUp Analytics CEO & founder, Lucy Rowland, to delve into how she is using Wyscout data to take recruitment in women’s football to the next level.

In the video, Lucy provides expert insights from her experience at San Jose Earthquakes and with the Canadian men’s and women’s national teams, highlighting the transformative power of data analytics in women’s football and explaining how Hudl and Wyscout are instrumental in saving time, enhancing decision-making, and gaining a competitive advantage.

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