New Season, New Workflow for Shimizu S-Pulse

New Season, New Workflow for Shimizu S-Pulse

This sea­son, Shimizu S-Pulse of the Japanese J-League have added Sportscode Elite and Hudl Replay to their analy­sis work­flow to trans­form the way they ana­lyze footage and pro­vide feed­back to coach­es and players.

For S-Pulse per­for­mance ana­lyst Mizuki Moriwaki, a reg­u­lar day will begin with ana­lyz­ing train­ing ground sce­nar­ios using a range of video tools. 

For train­ing, we film with up to five cam­eras, every group ses­sion, team ses­sion, from the warm up to the cool down,” said Moriwaki. Afterwards I code the train­ing then can pro­vide the pack­aged files to the coach­es, straight away. All coach­es have Sportscode so can receive a cod­ed pack­age after the game.”

The hard work done on the train­ing ground trans­lates to match day, an area where instant replay tech­nol­o­gy can be com­bined with analy­sis soft­ware to gen­er­ate data dri­ven deci­sions quick­ly dur­ing gameplay. 

Performance analyst Mizuki Moriwaki and his analysis setup at an S-Pulse training session.

Hudl Replay allows in-game footage to be sent live to a dig­i­tal device on the side­line to allow coach­es to make deci­sions in real time. The S-Pulse ana­lyst is able to code instances in Sportscode Elite and send them direct­ly to Hudl Replay. 

Replay makes it easy to share insights in real time, because it’s pos­si­ble to send clips to the bench imme­di­ate­ly,” said Moriwaki. It also enables us to com­mu­ni­cate clips to show play­ers at halftime.”

During the match, Moriwaki codes the match live, and is able to imme­di­ate­ly pro­vide valu­able half­time analysis. 

During the match I’m cod­ing live and at half time I can go to the coach­es and dis­cuss match analy­sis,” said Moriwaki. Then we can show 2 – 3 key moments to the play­ers at half time.

The camera and analysis setup on match day.
Analysis is now easier than ever with live capture and recording via Sportscode and Hudl Replay.

This improved analy­sis set­up is com­plete­ly new to S-Pulse, as pre­vi­ous solu­tions were lim­it­ed to league fix­tures. Now S-Pulse can use Hudl Replay in train­ing and cup games in addi­tion to league fix­tures. Training and match day analy­sis work­flows are now the same under this new analy­sis sys­tem and the abil­i­ty to code direct­ly to the bench is anoth­er key asset. Now there is an added flex­i­bil­i­ty to work in an increased amount of situations. 

The play­ers and coach­es had nev­er had an expe­ri­ence with analy­sis like this before this sea­son,” explains Moriwaki. It’s now very help­ful to increase our under­stand­ing of when a coach is explain­ing some­thing. Even dur­ing train­ing, we can check straight away using Hudl Replay.”

Replay makes it easy to share insights in real time, because it’s pos­si­ble to send clips to the bench imme­di­ate­ly. It also enables us to com­mu­ni­cate clips to show play­ers at halftime.”

When asked what the key com­pet­i­tive advan­tage of using their new analy­sis tools, the S-Pulse ana­lyst is quick to out­line the increased speed and accu­ra­cy that had been added to his work­flow. Especially using the find­er tool in Sportscode.

The best thing is that it’s super quick,” said Moriwaki. It’s easy to man­age a moment and I can use the find­er tool to very sim­ply see all of the shots or goals from this sea­son. Another point is that it’s very easy to find a moment. For one of our goals, the coach asked me to find a spe­cif­ic clip, which I can pick out very eas­i­ly. Also when I code, I can cus­tomise but­tons and labels to code the way I want.

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