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Course 6:   Statistics

Lesson 1:   Navigate the Statistics Page

  1. Not sure what a sta­tis­tic means, just from the title? Hover over any col­umn title to see a descrip­tion. If you still want to know more, you can find a key and its for­mu­las here.

  2. Set Up
    Choose the team whose stats you want to look at, then select the year and the match­es by click­ing on any square (dou­ble-click to des­e­lect). You can also use match pre­sets to select all wins/​losses, home/​away, or match­es that went to a cer­tain num­ber of sets.

    Tip: Hover over any square to view details about that match.

    Note: You’ll only be able to view stats for the ana­lyzed match­es you have access to.
  3. Stats Tab
    The stats page is divid­ed into five cat­e­gories: attack­ing, receiv­ing, serv­ing, block­ing and defense. (Setting stats are locat­ed in reports.)

    Each cat­e­go­ry includes a small win­dow of the most com­mon­ly ref­er­enced sta­tis­tics, but can be expand­ed to load more. Click any col­umn title to sort least to most, and again to sort most to least. You can also fil­ter based on rota­tion, score, point dif­fer­en­tial, name or position.

  4. Scoring Tab
    Click Scoring to com­pare the team’s scor­ing sta­tis­tics against their oppo­nents’. Note that this is the only place on the stats page where you can view stats by set or game (indi­cat­ed by G1-G5 on the right-hand side).