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Course 5:   Share Video

Lesson 1:   League Exchanges

  1. As you prob­a­bly already know, a big ben­e­fit to your Volleymetrics account is our video exchange fea­ture. The best part is that it’s already set up for you. Once you upload video and score­sheets for your own match, you’ll gain access to every­one else’s video in your league exchange.

  2. Conference Exchange
    All your match­es will be auto­mat­i­cal­ly shared with the oth­er teams in your con­fer­ence or league. That also means all of your con­fer­ence or league match­es will be avail­able for you to view. You’ll find them under Other Matches on the Matches page.

    Conference exchange rules have two options: 

    • The home team has until mid­night (local time) to upload the video and score­sheet for their match, or
    • All teams in the con­fer­ence have until a spe­cif­ic date and time (e.g., every Monday at 12:00pm ET) to upload video from the pre­vi­ous week, at which point all match­es are made avail­able to all teams in the conference.
  3. International Open Exchange
    Some leagues have the option to enter an open exchange with oth­er leagues on the Volleymetrics por­tal. This isn’t pos­si­ble for indi­vid­ual teams, so con­tact your sales rep to find out if this would be an option for your league.

  4. Access to Matches
    If you receive an unau­tho­rized mes­sage when try­ing to view oppo­nent match­es, we’ll tell you why. The most com­mon rea­sons are below.

    • Missing video or score­sheet
      As part of your exchange agree­ments, you must upload and share your match­es to have access to oppo­nent match­es. If one of your own match­es is miss­ing the video or score­sheet, you’ll be told which one and can use the link to view that match.
    • Conference exchange rules
      Exchange rules dic­tate who gets access to a match and when match­es become available.
    • Match has not been shared with you by the oth­er team
      If a team isn’t in your league exchange, their match­es have to be shared with you manually.

    To trou­bleshoot an unau­tho­rized mes­sage, click here.