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Course 4:   Review Video

Lesson 2:   Filter Video

  1. Once a green check­mark appears by an event, the analy­sis is com­plete. You can now view, fil­ter and ana­lyze the video.

  2. Open Presets
    To the right of the video play­er, click Open Presets. Select the cat­e­go­ry you wish to see, includ­ing over­all attempts, detailed stats (for every type of touch) and rota­tions. Click any num­ber on the pre­sets page to view the video clips asso­ci­at­ed with that number.

  3. Filter
    The search bar is anoth­er way to fil­ter video. Click in the search bar to see some of the avail­able fil­ter­ing options through sug­ges­tions in the drop-down. You can also sim­ply type what you want to see into the search. Check out the full list of fil­ters here.

  4. Note: Rotations are labeled using the American nam­ing con­ven­tion. View our pol­i­cy on how we han­dle 6 – 2s here.