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Course 4:   Review Video

Lesson 4:   Comments

  1. Add a Comment
    Below the video play­er, click Type a new com­ment. Add your com­ment and select Post Comment, or just hit enter. It’ll then appear on the video with a time­stamp below, and a red mark­er will be added at the bot­tom of the video player.

  2. Tag a Team Member
    Tag any of your play­ers or coach­es by first name (e.g., @allison), or even a group of peo­ple (e.g., @liberos, @coaches). They’ll receive a noti­fi­ca­tion and can jump straight to that point in the video.

    Note: If you type the @ sym­bol and the person’s name doesn’t appear in the drop-down, it’s prob­a­bly because they haven’t cre­at­ed their Volleymetrics account.

    Comments are pri­vate to your team and every team mem­ber can see them. Even tagged com­ments will be vis­i­ble for every­one, but only those tagged will receive a notification.
  3. Respond to a Comment
    When you see a com­ment you want to reply to, click Reply to This Comment. Enter your response and hit Reply. If you want a com­ment noti­fi­ca­tion to be sent, be sure to tag the per­son you want to be notified.

  4. Tips & Tricks
    A lot of coach­es use com­ments to iden­ti­fy moments they want to share with their team. Here’s how:

    • Comment on a video before your film review ses­sion, then use the red tri­an­gles to jump to that point in the video.
    • Tag play­ers or groups of play­ers to tell them what moments to watch.
    • Take it a step fur­ther and ded­i­cate an account to use only for video review. Tag this account any time you see a moment that you or your coach­es want to show your team. When it comes time for your film review ses­sion, log into that account and go through the notifications.